Indian wedding themes & styles – the top 5

Two human loves make one divine. ~ Elizabeth Barrett Browning

Indian wedding themes & styles - the top 5

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And the day that solidifies this divine union has to be special in every sense. But as these days, this “special wedding” has become too cliché, the wedding planners are having a real tough time digging up ideas and themes to make a big fat Indian wedding not only “special,” but “exotic.” Luminous décor, fascinating venues, dazzling designer wears, sparkling diamonds have long lost their classy tag and now they are considered to be commonplace. Hence the focus is on themes and styles that too only high creative ideas come in the count.

Today, we will discuss about top 5 wedding themes and styles, which promise to make the D-day of a woman and a man truly dreamlike. If you have ever come across or attended weddings with more brilliant ideas and themes, do not forget to share that awesome experience with us on our forum.


Bollywood Style Wedding:

The all-time-favorite theme almost every little girl secretly cherishes since childhood is having a Bollywood style Indian wedding. Those singing and dancing rehearsals, that weeklong sagaisangeetmehendishaadi festivity, that band-baaja-baaraat concept – it gives an unmatched high. In fact, now, you can even make a real time full length feature film on your wedding too where a director will work on a script with his entire crew, where the bride and groom will play the lead roles, where roll-camera-action will be heard beside the Vedic chants. You can’t get it better.


Royal Rajasthan Wedding:

Indian wedding themes & styles - the top 5

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Everyone wants to be a prince or princess on his or her wedding. That is absolutely possible with this Royal theme wedding. And, no wonder, the princely state of India, Rajasthan is the top choice as a venue. The majestic Jodhpur or Udaipur palaces, the regal arrangements, royal guards, heavy gold jewelries, Kundan jhumkas, everything speaks of a refined taste and grandeur.


Beach Wedding:

Indian wedding themes & styles - the top 5

Fly your hosts to a serene beach, set the wedding, and exchange vows on top of your voice as the sound of those crushing waves will not let you be heard otherwise.


Village Wedding:

Indian wedding themes & styles - the top 5

Instagram Account: ashish.langade

If you want a pure ethnic touch in your wedding then nothing can be more alluring than a village wedding. Away from the hustle and bustle of cities, the priest will solemnize your marriage in a rustic setup lit by thousands of diyas or earthen lamps and hanging lanterns. The cool breeze will soothe the atmosphere carrying with it the scent of an unknown countryside flower. A dreamlike wedding.


Arabic/Egyptian Wedding:

It’s hard to find an Indian kid who has not grown up reading Arabian Nights. Similarly, an Indian who is not besotted with Pharaohs, Pyramids and hieroglyphs is rare as rain in Iceland. So themes based on these two ideas are hugely popular for their irresistible charm doubled by the beautiful belly dancers, Arabian tunes, and everybody dressed like Aladdin and Princess Jasmine.



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