Indian Women: A look back at 2015


2015 was a great year for India. A list of events from 2015 is there to give you a glimpse about the whole year. The happenings to empower women as an important medium for national development left their strong mark in the history of India.

The Feminist Documentary Film Festival of India

Feminism got a great attention from Indian public after the gang rape issue in 2012. A very famous feminist website named The Ladies Finger and Indian Film Festival organized a two day event on 69th Independence Day of India. This two day festival of amazing feminist documentaries is one of the greatest event to develop consciousness about the feminist perspective in India. More than 1000 people came to attend this event at Godrej India Culture Lab. Event was closed with a “YouTube Party” in which clips from many Bollywood movies based on feminism were presented to the audience. Gulabi Gang and Taza Khabar are two most highlighted movies of this festival.

Gender Day Meet

A successful Gender Meet was arranged by a federal enterprise in association with German Government and UN women on March 4, 2015 in New Delhi. The point of discussion in this event was ‘’Gender equality at the heart of development.’’ This great event provided the participants a platform to discuss the issues related to women’s empowerment. Participants also told the audience about the significance of Gender equality for national development. The head of Women Economic Empowerment Unit, Subhalakshmi Nandi presented her views about unequal land and property rights of women. Program Manager of Evaluation of Violence against Women (EVAW) unit, Anju Pandey addressed about issues of domestic and workplace violence.

Gujarat Business Women National Conclave 2015

This 3-days business festival was a great move to encourage women entrepreneurs and reward them for their contributions in business market. 20 women among 80 nominated in different categories got awards. It was a grand event to break many stereotypes of society regarding women participation in business sphere. These women entrepreneurs have shown great courage to change the beliefs of the system and society.

Live chat hosted by The Hindu on International Women’s Day

Head of Women’s Economic Empowerment Unit and very famous columnist Kalpana Sharma came up with a great idea on international Women Day 2015. A live chat was managed by UN India to answer the questions of the public about domestic violence, workplace harassment and other gender-based issues. A discussion about the attitude of society about working women and sexism in parliament was also a part of this live chat. Ms. Nandi and Ms. Sharma replied to all the audience and to empower them for the improvement in condition of women in India.

A Discussion with Deepika Padukone on Promotional event of Bajirao Mastani.

At a recent Bollywood happening in December 2015, Deepika Padukone said that all the women whether a housewife or a working woman should be confident enough to do anything. Women have enough courage to perform their best in all walks of life so society should have faith in women. Bollywood Babe at the promotional eve of her movie said that no one should ever have right to underestimate the capabilities of Indian women.


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