Indian Women and Sexuality – a taboo

While there are many feminists out there trying hard to change the typical mindset about sexuality and Indian Woman, there are countless people who still consider women as slaves, they are frequently exploited sexually and emotionally. The irony of fate is that despite social reforms, the societal values are still the same, a woman is treated as a weak, emotionally fickle being, created to serve a man’s desires. She is deprived of her inherent rights, human rights even, the population of men who really respect a woman’s sexuality and emotions are few. It is difficult for women to combat this sick society where she is not allowed to do anything without a man.

In other parts of the world, a woman when raped is considered to be a victim. An oppressed who needs comfort from the family, society, and justice from law enforcement authorities. Though media has played a significant role in highlighting rape cases in India, there are still some areas where a woman is silenced after such a brutality. The rich and powerful exercise their “rights” to threaten her life and family, so the cases are not reported resulting in the emotional rape of such women.

Beautiful exotic young woman

A bold woman who explicitly expresses her sexuality and denies a man the right to control her is an outcast. She is labeled a “radical with no moral values.” Why a man even after marrying a woman can have affairs and is still a reputable person of the society? Just because he is physically strong grants him extra privileges? Is this the standard of society to gauge a person’s morality? Is this not gender bias? Most of the people would agree with me but they won’t do a single thing to get women their desired social status.

Being in a relationship for a woman is taboo in an eastern society. If she gets pregnant, she is characterless, a bad woman who should not be socialized with. What would you call the father of such a child? Nothing, because men are like that. They have the liberty to sleep with many women, flirt with them, get them pregnant and then leave. Social evils are debated about a lot, but no one feels it important to make men realize that they are equally blamable for relationships’ consequences. If a woman sleeps around with many men, she is a slut, do you have a name for a man who does that too? No, because men have some super rights granted to them by God knows whom, by the men themselves I guess.

Women are sexually subjugated even after marriage. A man reserves the right to decide how frequently they will be having sex or how many children they would have. A number of women die during childbirth every year because of their deteriorating health and pregnancy risks. But what difference would it make to men? They would marry again, as a woman is a pleasure providing machine that brings a lot of dowry with her too. Who does not want such an alluring package?