Indians’ Shoe Diversity

Indians’ Shoe Diversity


They say, first impression is the last impression, but it is proved wrong when it comes about shoes. It is believed about women that a woman’s beauty is incomplete without beautiful feet. Think of a charming woman, coming towards you, dressed in the trendiest apparel and you feel good when you look at her; you cannot take your eyes off her but then you happen to see her feet and they are as rough and rugged as a sand stone, would it make a good impression on you? Certainly not, now think of having seen a white and soft pair of feet, complemented by a pair of trendy shoes, this is certainly the last impression of a lovely woman.

India has rich traditions of religions, languages, cultures and fashions. Indian shoes are as trendy and diverse as their dresses are. From kolhapuris to khussas and from colourful loafers to trendy Indian version of sandals, Indian women’s footwear choices are limited by their own imagination. They are so innovative that they have adopted western show trends with Indian versions that do appeal to every young Indian woman.

Use of this footwear depends largely on what type of women are we talking about and more importantly what is the occasion. For example, kolhapuris can be used on any traditional and ceremonial occasion such as engagement, mehndi or marriage. While khussas are more strictly associated with above said occasions, some women still prefer kohlapuris for their convenience. Talking of khussas, we have to mention a variant of khussas called mojari. Majoris are very in when it comes about a ceremonial occasion. They are available in vibrant colours and in materials as diverse as leather and velvet. Then there are trendy slippers to be worn on ceremonial occasions with light or heavy embroidery.

But Indian women do not only stay at home or attend such ceremonial gatherings, they are playing important role in the development of Indian economy and enlightenment of Indian society as well. They are playing this role in offices, schools, colleges and universities and in an educational or professional environment; they have to wear stylish yet comfy shoes. Although they want to have the ease of professional wear but they do not want to lose their link with Indian tradition of women fashion so they prefer colourful yet comfortable sandals, sometimes even high-heels. They also like wedges for their elevated feel and comfort. Professional women can also be seen in peep toes and floaters. For a lunch or dinner with colleagues, friends or date vibrant coloured stilettos are often preferred.  A new trend in professional women is belly shoes as they are second to none in serving the purpose of ease and style; so are the loafers. However women who prefer style over ease, whether it is about workplace or party, like to wear stylish platforms as well. Yet sandals are equally adored, for their trendy look and ease, by Indian women whether it is a party or a workplace. Still there are women who want to add more westernized look to their footwear and you shall not be amazed to see them wearing suede high boots.

So now you know at what level the innovative and free mind of a modern Indian woman thinks when it is about footwear; like it was mentioned earlier, in regard of foot wear, their choice is only limited by their imagination.

By Nousheen Zeeshan

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