India’s most famous sports – which one do you prefer?

WomenNow wants to know which sport you prefer. Sport is relevant for society, for national pride, people identifiy themselves with sports. Besides, watching and playing sports is also just fun. But there are also so many different sports out there, we want to know which ones are the most relevant for our readership. We know that your choice might not be part of this. But we had to set limits so therefor we pre-picked three famous sports, Cricket, Badminton and Archery, and we now want your answer on this.

indian sports


Which one of these do you prefer, follow and would you like to get news about?

1. Cricket?

2. Badminton?

3. Archery?

Please reply below in form of a comment or send us emails to [email protected], subject “preferred sport”.

We are looking forward to hearing from you!

Your WomenNow editorial team