Indra Nooyi On Working Women At New York Summit

Indra Nooyi on Working Women: Speech at NewYork

Indra Nooyi, CEO Pespi Co at a world summit in New York, brought out issues that affect women at the work place. She harped on how women can be mutually respectful and boost each others’ strengths in a male dominated environment, having to experience the fact that women don’t stand by or motivate each other to reach the top spot or do better.

She gives examples of her own workplace in PepsiCo, where guys are more supportive of their colleagues. She tries to drive home the fact that without women businesses don’t do very well. However, they are rarely taken seriously or given much credit, rather name called as “Babe, Honey or Sweety” which she detests.

She speaks about the “Women Revolution” in pointing towards helping the gender balance workloads at home and the work place. The government as well as the society coming together to reach out to women has been unspoken of, says Nooyi.

She hopes that these issues are taken note of positively, to bolster better prospects for women.

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