Are you infatuated or in love with him? Find out what you are into!

There is a very thin line between being infatuated to someone and loving that person. Infatuation is an intense feeling and it can make you go insane which is easily mistaken for selfless love. When you are infatuated, you don’t really bother about the reciprocity of the other person but only your emotions. You are selfish in such a situation and will only do things for him for the sake of being happy. The other person’s availability or efforts towards you is the least of your concern. And just because you are so much into him, you believe that you are in love. Once out of an infatuated state, you might find your past actions quite stupid. Intense feelings like that don’t last for long.

Are you infatuated or in love with him? Find out what you are into!

Almost every relationship starts with that kind of passion which burns away too brightly too soon. However, once that passionate burning wears off, and you still seem to enjoy what you share with your partner, that goes to the stage of being safely called “love”. People tend to make crazy, instant decisions when they are infatuated towards someone. This can go to extents which they regret later. When infatuated towards someone, everything about them seems too perfect or too good to be true.


Love is when you realise that this person has his set of flaws but you still accept them for who they are and value them for who they are to you. Infatuation makes you want that person all to yourself regardless of their set of priorities. In love, you are more understanding and accommodative of their space and needs. Love is selfless. You don’t really have to be around each other to feel the same. You are more at peace with the whole equation that you share and yourself most importantly. Here are a few things that will help you distinguish between love and infatuation.


You have lost your sense of rationality


You get so drugged in the situation that you cannot help but only let your emotions take over your sense of distinguishing between the wrong and the right. Now this can happen with anyone even the most intellectual and practical person you know. You try to connect everything nice with him. With everything that he does (even the most silly action), you have a justification for that to convince yourself that this is what that you have always been wanting.


You think of him all the time

Are you infatuated or in love with him? Find out what you are into!

You cannot concentrate on anything else but this person for the whole day. You basically day dream. Feels like things come to a standstill whenever he crosses your thoughts. You cannot help but smile all the time and nothing can take that of your face. You lose track of time or space. There is a fantasy world that you have created in your mind and you seem to indulge in that from time to time imagining things which otherwise don’t really exist in reality.


He rules your conversations too


You talk about him all the time. You connect everything with him. You love talking about him to people. Your close ones are also used to this habit of yours and they have almost given up on bringing some sense into you actually. They understand your state and know that this will wear off eventually. You cannot separate him from any of your conversations.


His physical features intoxicate you


There is nothing about him that you don’t gush over. The way he smells, the feel of his skin, him passing by you, his body odour, his gaze, the way he talks, his aura. You cannot stop yourself from being drawn to him like a magnet. There is no one else who can take his place.


You can leave everything to be with him


You make him your priority. You would drop everything at a moment’s notice to cater to his needs. You keep waiting for a call or a text from him so that he is never kept waiting for you. Making him wait kills you so much that you would rather wait for him than make him wait. The only thing that really matters to you is his convenience and you wouldn’t really care if that is creating problems for you.

The reason why infatuation can take a toll on you is because there is absolutely nothing that can happen between the two of you if both of you don’t consent to be on the same page. Unreciprocated feelings hurt real bad and this can come crushing in on your sense of worth. Admiration is fine but diving deep into someone who doesn’t really care about your feelings is a sure fire way to call your own troubles. An infatuated state can take a toll on your sense of rationality and this can cloud your judgements on whether this man is really the one for you.


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