Interview failure – Top 5 reasons

A candidate might have a brilliant career and track record but there is no guarantee that the candidate would clear the interview. What separates successful candidates from the unsuccessful ones is how they perform at the interview stage. The below mentioned points help differentiate a successful candidate from an unsuccessful one.Interview failure – Top 5 reasons

  1. Poor preparation

When you have been selected for a job interview, you must realize that your prospective employers have done their research well and gathered all the necessary information about you. In a similar vein, you should also research well about the company you have applied for, the post you are applying for, the company policies, the company’s brand positioning in the market and latest news about the company. A candidate who is sufficiently armed with this knowledge will create a favorable impression in the eyes of the employers as he will be quite knowledgeable about questions related to the company.

  1. Giving vague replies

An interview is not the right place where you give convoluted and vague replies to questions asked by interviewers. Employers want someone whom they can trust and by giving vague replies you are surely not creating a good impression on them. Further interviewers are quick to latch on to dishonest and vague answers given by candidates and they do not rest until they receive clear answers. Interviewers are not satisfied till they get to know the real you and learn of your strengths and weaknesses, so why not make the task easier by being clear in your replies.

  1. Lack of clarity

When going for an interview, one must be very clear on their objectives and aims and the reasons as to why they have applied to the company in question. Spelling out your skills and key strengths will not only make your employer’s task easier but also make you come across as a confident and aware individual. Before coming for the interview, make a mental note of your strengths and see how they can be applicable to this particular job.

  1. Lack of enthusiasm

There is nothing that can alienate your future employer more than your showing disinterestedness in their company. When going for an interview, you must be quite enthusiastic about the company and the qualities that it stands for. Be aware that employers are more lenient towards candidates who evince genuine interest in the company and look passionate about the job at hand.

  1. Showing a negative attitude

It is seen that one’s attitude plays a crucial in determining whether one gets past the interview stage or not. Candidates displaying negative attitude such as talking ill of their former company or bosses, displaying an aggressive behavior, giving vague answers to crucial questions at the interview stage are generally shown the door. On the contrary, a candidate with a positive attitude and an enthusiastic demeanor are generally given preference by interviewers.


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Now that you know how not to perform at an interview, we believe you won’t commit the same mistake which candidates generally make and lose a promising job in the process.

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