Is he right for you ?


Future and men are unpredictable! Oftentimes we doubt if the man who alleges to love us, is cheating on us. Love is blind. So is trust. We trust him so much that we dream of a bright and a happy future with him. But is the man right for you? Will he love You the same? Will he stand up to your expectations in the days to come? Well, we can’t answer these questions but we certainly can observe his qualities and judge him based on that. If you wish to marry him no sooner than possible, make sure he capable of the following things.

You’re his priority

No matter how busy his schedule is, he will always make time to talk to you. He will choose you when his choice is between you and his friends or you and his work. He will keep you on the top of his priority list. If you feel upset, he will cancel all his appointments and spend time to cheer you up.

He cares for you 

It doesn’t matter to him if he is feeling offbeat. But if you are sick, he will make sure you’re taking your medicines on time. He will ask you about every thing, whether you’ve had your meal or you’ve slept peacefully.

He cares about your friends 

If one of your friend is sad, he will ask you to go to her and soothe her. He will also ask how your friends are doing. He will genuinely care for you and your friends.

He isn’t jealous of your achievements

In fact, he boasts about your achievements to his friends. He will tell you how proud he is, If you’ve won an award or if you’ve been promoted. He will not sulk in silence or make you feel bad about your achievements.

He is ready to move with you 

Like I’ve mentioned earlier, you will be his first priority. If it takes your job to move in another city, he will move in with you. He is ready to compromise. The only thing that will matter to him is being with you.

He tells you everything about his family and want a to know about yours 

He isn’t afraid of letting you know his downfalls. He is interested to know about you, your family, your childhood and wants to talk freely about his family with you. He isn’t embarrassed to share every thing with you.

He doesn’t try to change you

He will appreciate your personality and thoughts. He won’t love you for your beauty but for how you think and act. For him, you’re perfect the way you are.

When he says something, he means it

When he says, “I miss you” he will call you up several times and check on you. He will truly mean what he says.

He makes you feel confident 

He will value your decisions. He will encourage you to do better. He will tell you that he isn’t ashamed of your failures but happy that you are trying.

He is an optimist 

He thinks positive and tries to imbibe that positivity in you. He has a clear goal in life and he will tell you sweet, encouraging words If you feel let down in your life.