Is It Worth It? Freewill Personalised Shampoo and Conditioner

Have you ever tried personalized products? I, for one am really one of those people who always thought regular hair care line cannot fully meet my #perfecthairday needs. There are times I wondered mid-shower why my shampoo hasn’t done what it claimed it will. Thus, began my search for the perfect hair products that are made for me and works for me. After a lengthy search on Instagram I stumbled upon a brand Freewill that not only centered its ideology around personalized hair care products but also have impressive ratings and reviews.

For personalized shampoo and conditioner one has to take hair assessment quiz about your hair type, hair goals, and lifestyle. Once you are done with the questionnaire, they will have products best suited for you ready. Oh! You can customize color and you can also get your name to be printed on the bottle (awesome right?)


Why customized hair products?

Custom shampoos and conditioners are not into one-product-fits-all approach, which doesn’t work for all because of the hair goals and different external factors. You are asked questions based on your hair, hair needs, region where the customer is based in or will be based, water quality, and about your hair goals (around 20 questions), that’s a lot of questions for them to know what you are looking for and for you to tell what do you need in your shampoo.

freewill personalised shampoo conditioner


This product might be a bit on the expensive side, which can be a deciding factor but the quantity and natural ingredients you get, puts this back on the positive side. The freshness quotient of these products is unmatched and are delivered to you within a week, this outweighs the price when we compare it to shelf stored products.


First Impressions

The product comes in plastic packaging which feels sturdy and premium. If you’ve ordered personalized kit you will get a shampoo, conditioner and serum. My main concerns were volume, thickness and roots, after using this for 3 washes I can say it crossed out 2 out of 3 issues of mine (almost). I observed changes but not to an extent that I say it is 100% better than other products in the market. But I would recommend you to try once and while taking the online assessment I would suggest you to fill that carefully.


Bottom line

In general, I got to choose what I look for in my shampoo and I can certainly say that this product is definitely up to the mark. It being sulfate free and containing natural ingredients is a combination you find rarely in store brought shampoos.

Apart from these, the products are formulated by experts and the formulators are based in the USA. This is a Made in India product and is founded by Chemical & Industrial Engineers from IIT.

To sum it up, this out of the box and innovative concept is definitely worth a try if you are looking for personalized hair care products.

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