Is money so important ?


It is undeniable that the world is running over for money. Money has become the ultimate goal. Success, happiness, boredom, anger—everything has now become as a reflex of the bank balance. Is it right to give money the ultimate power over our minds, over our lives? I don’t think so!

Money is important but how important, that we have to decide as individuals. It is a fact that removing money from our lives isn’t a workable decision…it is just not possible as everything that we require for survival is bought in exchange of money. Food, house, clothing etc…all for money. All extracted from the inevitable money.

But money can’t buy everything. Yes, you heard it right! Though money is crucial for a sound livelihood but for a purposeful living, there are a lot more points and qualities to earn. It is cold to bear the truth that we humans aren’t motivated to consider certain very critical aspects of life as our responsibilities. We humans weren’t designed to earn money. We were and we are supposed to explore the world of passions through life experiences, learn important lessons through skill practices and dwell in the grand mantra of prayers and manhood.

Over the course of time, our lifestyles and our ethics have gone through turbulent transformations. The struggle and the competition to stand out from the crowd had burdened every man and society acts as the terminator. We all are caught in the web and an escape is blurry but what we need to realize is in this whirlwind and hassled life we still are capable of instilling the good properties. We must reflect it to our societies as well as engrave it in our personas.

Here are the ten things money will never buy for you –


Admitting your child in the top notch school will never guarantee his good conduct at you dinner table but cultivation of good examples will.


If it is late and you have forgotten to stay awake until morning to finish your assignments as you jolly well know it can be easily bought from your senior in a small amount the next day—that eventually means we have been successfully victimized.


If you think you can buy gifts every time in return to the harsh words you use for your partner—then you need to know that someday gifts will stop doing the magic and giving respect will become a mandate to keep the relationship alive.


Ever got impressed with a potty mouthed person with a lump- sum bank balance? Well! You never will. A charismatic personality does the business on its own.


We all know the famous quote that common sense is not so common. Apparently, because it can’t be bought with money.

  1. TRUST

Some say trust is like virginity, once lost – lost forever. Trust is the result of the bond that you share with a person. It is also a responsibility that we bestow in one another. Trust can never be on sale.


Lack of patience can be disruptive. Patience is a very important quality. It showcases your established existence. I wish it was available in shopping malls.

  1. CLASS

The way a person carries himself is never in regard to his social status. The stratification is what society concludes but class can only be generated with knowledge and thoughtfulness. And hence no bank robbery made the thieves classy!


If you have the courage to confess the truth to your friend whom you cheated, that is the sheer result of the honesty that must have been infused in your veins by your parents and not due to the financial credits.

  1. LOVE

Those butterflies in your stomach when you see his smiling face walk to you—do you think money can buy that? I know… Never!




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Ashwathi is an enthusiastic traveller and dancer with a passion for movies and music. Hailing from an Army background, she considers herself fortunate enough to have experienced the diverse cultures that India boasts of. She is a graduate in Journalism and Mass Communications and has worked in print, radio and television.