Is my boyfriend cheating on me?

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4 Signs he might be cheating on you!

It is not quite enjoyable to have a feeling that your partner is cheating on you. Is my boyfriend cheating on me is a question that many of us ask ourselves.

Sometimes, you are just being unreasonable but other times, your partner is actually taking you for granted and giving your love to someone else. It surely kills you inside but rather than closing your eyes to it, you must look for these telltale signs and find out if he is actually cheating on you or not. It will surely hurt you a lot but as they say you must hurt yourself with the truth rather than comforting yourself with the lie. As an average person tells three lies every ten minutes, make sure ‘I Love You’ is not one of the lies that your partner tells you.

Here are four telltale signs to know if he is cheating on you. You must not stay in the darkness and leave him before he leaves you:

He starts being metro:

Every guy is metro, but if your boyfriend and husband has suddenly become too conscious of his looks and is dressing up well and wearing amazing cologne and has started spending too much on buying new clothes and takes long time to get ready even when he is going to meet his friends then it means you need to read between the lines. He might be seeing someone at work or in lunch break. Maybe he just became fashion freak recently but if he is doing that every time he tells you he is going out to meet friends or somewhere else, then you need to make sure what is going on?

He spends too much time texting:

When he is driving, in the shopping mall or waiting for food at restaurant and he constantly checks his phone. If you ask him something and he just nods without even looking at you then it might be because he is texting some other chic. If this is happening more often then chances are he is too distracted to take interest in you. Furthermore, if he does not put his phone casually anywhere and keeps it somewhere you cannot access it then surely something is fishy.

You only find Deleted logs in his phone:

If you come across his phone and you see no log history and no messages then it means he is surely hiding something from you. It might either mean he is exchanging some sensitive business information with a colleague that he wants safe but there are more chances that he might be involved somewhere and that’s why he is deleting his messages. Surely if he is being extra cautious then you might know it’s time to confront him.

He has become Mr forgetful:

If your husband or boyfriend has suddenly become Mr forgetful then you need to know that there is something already going on in his mind which is making him forget other things. It can happen once or twice that you tell him to bring something and he forgets but if he constantly forgets to call you back or bring home what you asked him to, then something is distracting him from remembering everything. So, you must see what it is. If he is not having any health issue and his work is also not leaving him drained, then the third reason can only be that he is seeing another woman.

Instead of keeping up with all that, be courageous and strong enough to confront him. You will soon find out what is going on and when you find out then there is no reason you must stay in this toxic relationship and hurt yourself. Say goodbye to him for good and know that better things lie ahead then those you have left behind.




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