Jadau, Kundan, Lac or Navratna ?

indian woman

Jewelry is a way of keeping memories alive! There is no women on earth who is not fond of jewelries. Jewelry is love, life, hobby, passion, a style statement and way to express one’s self. There are thousands and millions of jewelry styles throughout the world but when it comes to an exotic place like India, the traditional and tribal jewelry style comes into picture! Tourists coming to India are confused with so many variety placed in front of their eyes. The reason is, they are not aware on the many types of jewelry that are available for every taste.

Jewelry and Indian women are interlinked. When we think about Indian women, we imagine a lady with hands covered in bangles up to her elbows, uncountable rings on her fingers, ears full of ear rings, a bindi and what not. One women and thirty different types of ornaments, truly a wonder! Rich or poor, young or old, ornaments have no discrimination. A different style in every direction: north, south, east and west! The famous types are as follows:

  • Gold jewelry

In India, gold is not only a style but a symbol to express how royal and luxurious life you live. The more gold ornaments you wear, the more rich you are and the more is your status quo! Apart from adorning your body, it is a real investment. Most famous among South Indians, Hindus consider wealth to be a symbol of Goddess Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth!

  • Handmade jewelry

As world’s best craftsmen are from India, no doubt Indian handmade jewelry are unique and appealing. Artists from small villages and outskirts craft ornaments at home, giving them a beautiful and subtle look. And that’s the look no machines can produce!

  • Jadau jewelry

The Jadau style ornaments were introduced in India by the Mughals. It is found in many regions of Rajasthan and Gujarat. It is also known as engraved jewelry and is an example of highly skilled craftsmanship. Jadau ornaments have an uncut diamond as the central stone and beautiful artwork is done beautifully at the back.

  • Kundan jewelry

The art of setting precious gems and stones in gold beautifies the extraordinary Kundan appearance. Rajasthan being the hub of ‘Kundankan’ has craftsmen from all parts of India. Stones such as topaz, rock crystal emerald etc. are placed within Kundan.

  • Lac

The bright colors and glass work done on them gives the jewelry a funky look! Again, this art form originated in Rajasthan and later spread all over the country. Lac ornaments are much more popular in other countries too. This increases the demand for these ornaments and brings a wide variety of designs.

  • Navratna

As the name goes, ‘Nav’ meaning nine, navratna jewelry is made up of nine stones viz. diamond, ruby emerald coral, sapphire, pearl, topaz, Garnet and cat’s eye. This jewelry has astrological significance for Hindus and it ensures the well being of the person wearing it. The ornaments are designed in such a way that it touches the skin of the person wearing it.

Apart from these precious six, Pachchikam, Silver, Temple, Tribal, Meenakari, Ivory and other jewelries have significance in India.