Jewelry hacks every girl should know


Women! We have something amazing for you in store. Don’t you frown when it comes to organizing your jewelry? Like, finding out the right boxes to store them, the right cleanser to clean off the dirt, preventing it from getting rusty or untangling the long necklaces? We do, too. But we have looked into the matter, thought over it, experimented and concluded our results. A jewelry is a fashion statement, identification of a fashionista, the mark of a lady. Be it your anklets, trinkets, knuckle rings, ear cuffs, tassle, studs, head gear, waist chain, beads, heel chains or anything, women loves the jewelry she wears. Unfortunately, jewelry either break, thereby breaking a lady’s heart or become worn out due to less shelf life. Check out these glittering hacks below to prevent your heart-break!

  • The little Straw stick that stand staring into nothingness can be of great use. Pack necklaces with straw to prevent tangling.
  • If you’re in a hurry and you want to sparkle up your forgotten diamond, use a brush and soap water. Bring back the shine in it by rubbing the brush dipped in soap water on your diamond jewelry.
  • Chains run high risks of getting knotted and tangled easily. It’s irritating to untangle them and there’s a chance you might break it in doing so. Sprinkle baby powder when you encounter such situations.
  • Baby oil can also be used to untangle stubborn knots of your chain.
  • Women possess so many jewelry that it becomes difficult to locate them. The easiest way to keep your rings and anklets within eyesight is by keeping them in transparent boxes. Sweet and simple!
  • Sometimes, we love a ring but sadly, there’s no freaking size available for us. Such moments are frequent and many. Use a silicon adhesive to make a ring smaller.
  • The above situation is common for watches too! If you can’t find a watch that fits your sexy wrist, use a tiny screwdriver to add and remove links.
  • Make jewelry cleaner out of your kitchen products. To cleanse gold, use beer and for silver, use ketchup. You can also use club soda and white vinegar.
  • Some earrings cause sore ears. Use a lubricant such as coconut oil or Vaseline to soothe sore and sensitive ears.
  • Silver, when locked in your jewelry box darkens and loses its shine with time. A chalkboard chalk absorbs the moisture in silver and prevents it from tarnishing. Keep a chalk with your silver ornaments.
  • Securing a bracelet all by yourself is the most frustrating thing ever! Just when you’re about to strap the bracelet on, one side slides off your wrist and you have to start it all over again. Use a paper clip to secure your bracelet in one go. Simply thread the clip through the catch and with your other hand, clasp it together
  • Use a button to keep pairs of earrings together. Smart, huh?
  • If you have long hair, getting your hair caught up in your necklace is pretty annoying. To avoid it, you can buy a short length of aquarium tube from a pet shop, snip off a small piece to cover the clasp, then slide it onto the chain and cover the clasp once fastened.
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