Job Offer – How to turn down smartly?

If you are under the impression that being successful in an interview is all that matters then think again. Sometimes it so happens that the job you are offered doesn’t meet your required criteria and you are left wondering what to do about it. Well if such a situation arises it is perfectly ok to turn down the job. The point is how to go about it. Given below are some must-knows when turning down a job offer.

  1. Reply Promptly

There are innumerable times when we have been left hanging after the completion of an interview and how we hated it. The same holds true for the other party as well. If you have been offered a job which doesn’t suit you then make your decision known to the company as quickly as possible. Take a day or two to think about it and then convey your decision. It is more fitting that you refuse them so that they can begin interviewing other candidates rather than making them wait for your decision.

  1. Be Professional

The job offer you may have been proffered with might be the worst in the world but that doesn’t give you a license to be rude. Always be polite in your refusal. A phone call is the best way to go about it. First of all thank the person for having offered the job to you and then respectfully turn down the offer.

  1. State your Reasons Clearly

When turning down a job offer the worst thing you can possibly do is to offer a lame excuse. Be very clear about your reason for not accepting the offer and we can assure you that the company will duly appreciate this.

  1. Be Open to Discussion

You may like the job but if the offer doesn’t impress you then keep the discussion channels open so that you and the company can work out a solution. A firm refusal from your side will close all communication channels thus dashing all chances of you ever getting the job.

  1. Never use the offer to gain leverage elsewhere

This is a cardinal rule you must follow when turning down a job offer. Never ever use the offer made by one company to gain an edge with the other. This will damage your reputation with both the companies and the companies might even blacklist you.

  1. Be aware of the consequences

Very rarely it so happens that everything right from the pay package, timings, location to future growth prospects matches our expectations yet we do not want to take up the job. Now this is a very tricky situation as refusing a job offer which matched your criteria will be viewed in a very negative light by the people interviewing you. Therefore handle the situation very carefully.

If in future an offer is made to you that does not interest you then these rules will help you go about the refusal in a manner that is appropriate and apt for both parties.


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