The Kamasutra: 12 kinds of embraces during sexual union!

‘Kama’ stands for desire (encompassing sexual desire) and ‘Sutra’ stands for a thread that holds things together, so that The Kamasutra becomes both a discussion of human desire and a guideline for appropriating these desires illustrated in a detailed form in several parts and chapters, each of which uphold separate ideals of virtuous living.

The Kamasutra: 12 kinds of embraces during sexual union!

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This article shall go on to examine Chapter two of Part 2 of The Kamasutra:

This chapter talks about the different embraces that a couple shares during sexual union. Part 2 of The Kamasutra is essentially termed as Chatushshashti which means sixty-four. It is called so because according to some it discusses in detail the 8 subjects with respect to sexual union, including embracing, kissing, scratching, biting, lying down, making various sounds and using of the mouth and each of these eight subjects are divided into eight different kinds thus adding up to the number sixty-four. However some stand to believe that the name comes from one of the authors of this particular part of The Kamasutra – one being Panchala and the other being Dashatapa who recited a portion of the Rig Veda constituting sixty-four verses which he termed as Panchala and hence, the name given to the chapter as a way of acknowledging its authors.

The Kamasutra: 12 kinds of embraces during sexual union!

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Criticisms, however, are varied concerning the address of the chapter but the content is promising and portrays through itself, the Hindu state of mind regarding love, marriage, family life and sexual desire being one of the most essential parts of the life of an individual in exclusion and as a couple, forming an exemplary illustration of Sanskrit literature.

What happens when two individuals of the opposite gender meet and feel attraction towards each other unaware of each other’s intentions?


When a man and a woman get acquainted with one another, develop the hots for each other instantaneously, and the man feels the want of passion fire up within him so that he looks for an excuse to get close to this woman with the intent of brushing his body against hers. This tactic wholly justifies the embrace of touching.


A piercing embrace happens when a man’s body parts touch against a woman’s privy parts, for instance, her breasts, without a recognized intention on either of their parts, but out of mere accident and consequentially the man feels the instant sexual urge to grab hold of those breasts, when in the dark or in seclusion away from other individuals.

What happens when the two individuals of the opposite gender who are sexually attracted to each other meet, come together and are aware of each other’s intentions?


When a couple passing down a lonely alley, amidst the darkness or even through a public place realize their sexual attraction towards each other so that they make a desperate move of rubbing their bodies against each other, as an immediate desire to feel each other up, can be rightly passed for a rubbing embrace.

The Kamasutra: 12 kinds of embraces during sexual union!

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However, the rubbing can go on to something else guided by intense arousal, where one of the partners pushes the other against a wall and the likes to press their body tightly against theirs for a closer and more cherished feel of their beloved’s intimate parts, which says The Kamasutra, is common among those who are perfectly responsive to one another’s intentions.

What happens when the two are standing close to each other?



Is the kind of embrace when a woman who clings to a man in the manner of a creeper that twines around a strong plant standing tall yet steady, and pulls the man’s head closer to hers to be able to kiss, and makes slipshod sloppy sounds, intently staring into his eyes with love and sexual desire.



The woman embraces her lover by placing one hand around his shoulder, reaching for the back with the other, while placing one of her feet on his thighs, having placed the other on his foot, just as if she were about to climb a tree and all her moves express her desire to acquire a kiss from her sexual partner.


What happens when the two are sexually uniting?



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You know how it is when you lie in bed either scooping or being scooped by your partner, right? That is close to what this kind of embrace is all about. Whether you lie down face to face with each other or facing your back to your partner, you both should be lying next to each other with your arms and legs entwining each others. This manner of embracing is realised in The Kamasutra as the mingling of the sesame seed with rice.



When you give in to sex you let yourself become vulnerable to your mate. You subject your body to whatever treatment he is capable of giving to it, because sex is more psychological than physical and the pleasure in its immensity manages to forego and dilute the senses of pain.

This is hence that kind of embrace which happens during sexual union when the bodies of two individuals press against each other as tightly as they can as though they are entering into each other, when the woman is sitting on his lap, right before him, or on the bed, only so that they are able to feel each other up in the best possible manner, enjoying even any sense of pain that comes along with it.

What are the more simple ways of embracing?



When either of the two sexual partners takes the other’s thighs in between theirs and squeezes it against theirs.


When the man presses and holds his penis to the woman’s vagina, as a form of expression and of the release of sexual passion.



When the man holds his chest up against the woman’s breasts, in order to feel them up, just a bit differently without having to put to use his hands also to add variety and flavour to the ways of intimacy.



When either of the two partners kiss the other’s forehead, place one’s forehead against the other’s or shut their eyes and touch them to the other’s forehead as an expression of pure unadulterated love.

The ways of embracing add to the sexual tang, so that the mere discussion of it brings a sense of pleasure to men which is why the various forms of embracing becomes an essential part of sexual union between man and woman, for its capacity to trigger feelings of love, passion and the desire for sexual intimacy itself, also contributing to enjoyment. Once one starts with these guidelines for a heartening experience at intimacy, one shall automatically get into the flow – the very instance from where the rules of The Kama Shastra will become void and the individuals will be performing prompted by autonomy.

The Kamasutra written by Vatsayana, which as we know for a fact, has rendered itself as the standard work of human sexual behaviour in Sanskrit literature and a crucial part of Indian literature as a whole, has however failed to reach the mass at large with its content, in spite of it being an important part of our culture. Hence, this article is an initiative at giving you a broad overview of a small part of this text.

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