The Kamasutra: 5 Ways of sexual communication between a man and a woman!

“Of all the lovers of a girl he only is her true husband who possesses the qualities that are liked by her, and such a husband only enjoys real superiority over her, because he is the husband of love.” (KAMASUTRA- PART 3, CHAPTER 4)

The KAMASUTRA of Vatsyayana is a writing on the creativity of sensual liberation and hence it may be considered to be a ‘string of aphorisms on sensual pleasure’ or more precisely a guide on the art of love making. It is a vital part of the expanded frame of work known as the Kama Shastra, where both sensual and sexual liberation are combined for a better outlook towards the path of matrimony.  It not only investigates a deep-seated capability to appreciate the true meaning of love between a man and a girl, but also frees the mind to a more desirable understanding of human attributes along with his or her partner one. In a way, the KAMASUTRA, is a scientific treatise about the knowledge of actual, perfect and authentic love, proposed to settle and symphonize a multilevel association a girl and a man may have, beginning from every day’s life to intimacy, communion and relationship of their pair as a couple, favoring the power of sensual satisfaction.




Vatsyayana may be a devotee in the system of beliefs and morality, but he does not hesitate or make a second thought about explaining a lover’s effort to get a partner. Once the man is entirely aware of her outward hints and gestures it is his responsibility to to gain over her completely. He should touch her under several excuses and pretenses so that every caress, physical ease he devotes upon her lasts as the most special in its own way. Whether its about holding her hand purposely when involved into any game, sports or the practice of a touching embrace, all these are clearly indicative of his likeness towards her inclusive of the wetness of the love. It’ all about getting closer such that “the voids in her soul turned every touch of someone else into the reminiscent of his love inside her.” On feast and social gatherings, he must sit and remain close to her thereby touching each of her toes, and pressing the edge of her nails. He should also push down with force a finger of her hand in-between his toes when she happens to be cleaning her feet. At certain occasions whenever he presents a gift to her or receives anything from her, he should tell her by his manner and tone how much he loves andcraves for her. Moreover, when she is seen all alone in an isolated place or times when it is pitch dark outside he should make love to her and tell her the real state of his mind without agonizing her in any way.





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At times when it becomes difficult for a man to deliver his feelings all alone, the daughter of the girl’s nurse or a female friend who is seen as trustworthy by his lover should act as a messenger deliver without the girl being aware of it. Moreover, he could also hire his own female servant to stay with the girl as her well-wisher and companion and should then win his affections over by her all means.  Slowly and steadily when he appears to have known the state of her feelings and apprehensions through through apparent mannerism and care towards him at religious functions marriage ceremonies, carnival, festivals, theaters, public gatherings and other such various occasions he should try to enjoy her presence when she is all alone and in solitary. For Vatsyayana stresses on the fact that” women when resorted to at proper times and in proper places, do not turn away from their lovers.”





The liberating angst of sexual feeling and desire is further enhanced when her feelings towards her man is seen as visible, alive and breathtaking. It is at this moment within the four walls of the private space, that the intimacy goes deeper for he requests her to approach closer to him thereby communicating his love to her furthermore by body language and ultimately through words. Pretending to be ill is just a mere excuse of calling her indirectly at his place so that he gets a chance to speak to her. This disguise of being sick is unknown to the girl, so that under the alleged reason of making medicine for him he must fondle and rub her hand and place it on his eyes and forehead respectively. This false claim of remaining sick continues for around three days and three nights so that she comes to visit him every now and then and spend long hours discussing feelings which are essentially deep-seated.” Women grow less timid than usual during the evening, and in darkness and are desirous of congress at those times.Finally, when the man finds the girl completely gained over, he may then begin to enjoy her.




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 If a girl of pleasant qualities is born of a gentle family without money and resources, she should bring about her own wedding bells by gaining over a strong and good looking young man. She must move forward with her approach by habitually meeting and seeing him. Her mother also should frequently ask them to meet by ways of her female friends, and daughter of her nurse. The girl should by herself try to get alone with her beloved in some silent place, and at random intervals should offer him flowers, betel nuts, betel leaves and perfumes as a gesture of likeness towards him. She should also be aware of her talent to do something artistic so as to display and receive appreciation in return. Whether it’s the skill in the craftsmanship, shampooing, scratching, or pressing with the nails, all these are clearly indicative of the hideous sexual desire instilled within her. As such it is an indirect way of wooing him to take an active part in the art of sexual enjoyment. Last but not the least, she should also converse with him on the topics he finds interesting and best and must also exchange views with him on the ways and means of acquiring over and winning the strong fondness and warmth of a man.




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Interestingly enough, the old authors have pointed out that no matter how much the girl loves and adores her man, neither should she offer herself nor make the first move from her side because when she does so, there are probable chances of her suffering the loss of eminence and dignity and is at the same time also responsible to be disdained and rejected. However, when the man expresses his wish to take pleasure in her company, she should be flattering, appreciative and enthusiastic to his response and should not undergo any change in her behavior and attitude when he moves forward to hold her in his arms. She should calmly accept the expressions of his love if somehow she remained uninformed of the frame of his mind before.When he desires to have a sexual intercourse with her she should allow him to touch her private parts without any hesitation.Moreover, when she is determined of the fact that she is truly loved by her man and that not only is he dedicated and devoted towards over, but is at the same time is fixed in his decisions to spend the rest of his life with her, it is essentially at this moment when she would prompt him to tie the knot quickly with little or no delay at all.And after losing her virginity she should tell her close friends regarding it.


Kama, Artha, Dharma and Moksha are intertwined with one another for the physical and emotional enjoyment unveils understanding, glory, power, morality and wisdom yielding a liberation which is sensual in its own way for it expresses love, fulfillment, desire and ecstasy between a man and a girl.