The Kamasutra: Erotic Ways to kiss your partner!

Chapter 3 of Part 2 of Vatsayana’s Kamasutra has a lot to say about the kiss. This should not only aid you in learning a bit about the book itself but also allow you to inculcate a few of these formulas in your life if you choose to, either for the sake of fun or on a serious note. Read on to find out what this Sanskrit text has to say about kissing which is indeed a very important part of sexual intimacy.

Here are different types of kisses mentioned in Kamasutra:

The 3 types of kisses which are more common among younger women:


The nominal kissing is when the woman doesn’t really play a part in the kisses but merely allows her lover to make the move while only touching her lips to his.


The throbbing kiss is nothing but a consequence of the slight opening up on the woman’s part so that she feels the desire to touch the mouth that is kissing her, with her lips and so she moves her lower lip only.


The woman places her hands over her lover’s while he kisses her and she also uses her tongue to touch his lips – this passes for a touching kiss.

The kisses which are common among women who are more aged and less bashful:


A straight kiss is the simple coming together of the lips of two individuals who are about to share kisses and who play along equally.


This exactly a justification of what it is called. It is when the lovers bent their heads while they come together to share kisses.


When either of the two lovers turns the other’s head up by lifting the chin and then plants a kiss upon his or her mouth, it is called a turned kiss.


The Kamasutra: Things you need to know about Kissing!

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When the lower lips of both the lovers are pressed tightly against each other’s lips, it is called the pressed kissing.


Well in all these different ways of kissing, this one sounds like fun to me. The greatly pressed kissing is when one of the lovers cups the lower lip of the other with their two fingers and then touching the lip with their tongue, presses it tightly with their own lip – very sexy and passionate. It not only sounds fun but is pretty quirky isn’t it? You might want to try it out with your boyfriend or your girlfriend the next time.


So this is like a game played by the lovers, especially by the woman when they want to kiss each other. The game is about, who gets to grab hold of the other’s lower lip first. The one who does it first wins and the other loses in the game.

However, the woman uses the advantage of the tactic of shedding tears to usurp the position of the winner in the game. What she does is:

At first she makes sure to weep after having lost to her lover and pretends as though she doesn’t want to engage in the kissing initiated by him by simply pushing the lover away, asking him for another wager to be laid. Nevertheless, if she fails the second time too then she should appear even more upset and keep him away until the man is “off his guard” or “asleep” when she must take the opportunity to get hold of his lower lip and hold it tight between her teeth and then burst out into a laughter, dance about, tease the man and so on. This is how a war is played between two couples passionately in love with each other, as well as having immense sexual desire towards each other, on the grounds of kissing.


Both the lovers concentrate each, on one of the lips out of the pair. However the kiss of the upper lip can be termed so when the man initiates the kissing by getting the upper lip of the woman while the woman gets his lower lip and they share a beautiful kiss utilising the whole of each other’s lips.


This is the kind of kiss where one of the lovers takes both the lips of the other into his and carries out a smooch. However the Kamsutra has specifically mentioned that women must only allow men without moustaches to kiss them in such a manner. During this kind of a kiss, however if the lovers’ tongue touches the palate, teeth or the tongue of the other then it is called the “fighting of the tongue” and the same goes for when the teeth of one of them presses against the mouth of the other.

The different kinds of reactions that the various kinds of kisses that exist draw:

So, as a matter of fact, different parts of the body respond to different kinds of sexual stimuli, right? Same goes for kisses, and which is exactly why the Kamasutra elaborately talks specifically about the four differing kinds of kisses – “moderate, contracted, pressed and soft.” Some of them are suited to some parts of the body while the others are suited to other parts of the body.

The varying emotions involved in the various kinds of kisses are as follows:


The Kamasutra: Things you need to know about Kissing!

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This is a response that is induced when a woman stares into the face of the lover while he is asleep and then plants upon his mouth a kiss, to make him aware of her sexual intention or desire.


This has the potential to keep the lovers’ mind off of other things or turn his attention away from business, quarrelling with the beloved and every other thing. Just kiss the deficiency of his attention towards you, away. It’s simple!


The lover finds immense pleasure in returning home to his sleeping beloved and in kissing her awake to let her know of his desire. The woman in fact often pretends to be asleep as soon as she is aware of the lover’s arrival so that she is able to grant him the pleasure of waking her up with kisses and in return gain his respect for letting him have it his way.


This is a way of letting the other know of one’s intention by not engaging in an actual kiss but a posed kiss. For instance when one of them kisses the reflection of the other on the mirror or on the water or let’s say one kisses the wall right before the beloved, the beloved should be able to figure out the lover’s intention.


A transferred kiss is when the lover “kisses a child sitting on his lap, or a picture, or an image, or figure…” right before his beloved to perhaps induce desire in her or maybe as a way of letting her know by kissing in her presence that the kisses were actually intended towards her.


The Kamasutra: Things you need to know about Kissing!

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When a man at some place during the night, goes up to a woman and either kisses one of her fingers or a toe of her foot and in the case of a woman when she is helping her man with a shower rests her head on his thighs or kisses his big toe in order to provoke his passion can be passed for a demonstrative kissing.

This is precisely what the Kamasutra had to say about the types of kisses, how they are to be done and the kinds of responses that they are likely to induce.