Kapoor and sons – What to expect.

Kapoor and sons

Kapoor and Sons is one Bollywood film that really knows how to tug at your heart strings.

It begins with what seems to be a “harmless normal” family – key word here being ‘seems’.

Enter the hilarious Mr. Amarjeet Kapoor the grandfather of the main protagonists of the movie – a widower who loves his family almost as much as he loves practicing his death. (Yes, that’s right – he’s planned the perfect expressions and sounds to make the moment he collapses).

It’s all fun and games until he actually does collapse calling for the entire family to come from different parts of the world to visit their dearly beloved grandfather on his hospital bed. It was on this hospital bed that he released that time is fleeting – his one main wish was to have a photograph taken with his entire family titled “Kapoor and Sons’ and have it hung on the walls of their house in Coonoor.

Now think of a very dramatic family – very dysfunctional, The Kapoors are exactly that – but tenfold.

We’ve got the younger sibling (Arjun) who’s always felt overshadowed by his successful older brother (Rahul) – the seemingly perfect star child of the family. But he hides a dark secret Rahul is gay and has a sexual identity that isn’t easily accepted by his traditional mom.  Filled with plot twists – perhaps too numerous to mention! – I don’t want to give them all away, the movie is a must watch.

Realistic, heart-touching, great musical numbers and it just makes you feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside. You’d want to round up your family from where ever they are located right now and give them a tight hug.

So kudos to the director and the story writer and a special shout out to Fawad Khan (Damn! That boy can act!) Go get your family and book your tickets as soon as possible. This family though dysfunctional can teach you a lot!



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