Kashmiri girl at World Kickboxing Championship

Kashmiri girl at World Kickboxing Championship
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Meet Tajamul Islam, a 7-year-old child, daughter of Ghulam Mohammad Lone who is a driver for a construction company martial arts sensation who hails from Jammu and Kashmir who is all set to become the first Kashmiri to represent India at the World Kickboxing Championship.

Smaller by size but is larger in fights, she has proven to be a prodigy.

Her father makes sure that his children get everything they deserve. Also, there is absolute encouragement from his side as he sends Tajamul and four of her siblings to learn martial arts in a local academy.


Faisal Ali Dar, who runs the academy was instantly impressed with Tajamul’s skills. He says he did notice Tajamul from the distance even though she wasn’t yet completely conversant with the rules of the game but she had the speed and he had found her instinctively aggressive.

Tajamul astound everyone when she became the youngest gold medalist in the Jammu and Kashmir Wushu Championships and made her eligible for the National Wushu Championships in Haridwar last month. Further, she defeated her opponent last year at the National Kickboxing Championships in Delhi and became the first girl from the area of her age group to win a gold medal in the tournament.


The senior Vice-president of kick-boxing Federation of India, Mr. Ghulam Nabi Tantray is the one who encouraged Tajamul  to show her talent even after some age related issues surfaced.


Tantray said that he saw something amazingly different in her when she won the gold medal in Delhi and he was fully determined to remove any obstacle coming her way. And he thoroughly believes that she will set new exemplifying success stories,”


The talented fighter of the state, Tajamul’s story is inspiring a lot of girls to break hurdles and achieve their dreams.

Her village is very backward but she says that, along with other kids like her will take their village to new zeniths of glory.


She is undoubtedly a champion and on her path to make India proud.



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