Kick Start Your IT Career with CompTIA A+ Certification

It has now become a common practice to acquire some sort of certification before entering the IT workforce. This is because an accredited professional has a better chance of kick-starting their career than non-certified individuals. So, in this post, we will be revealing the benefits you can enjoy by earning the core CompTIA A+ badge as it can help you achieve new heights even if your experience in IT is not so Visit CertBolt URL Click Here to View Link URL

What Does the CompTIA A+ Certification Have in Store for You?

CompTIA A+ is the ideal credential to obtain to prove your understanding and application skills of the fundamental IT technologies used in organizations around the globe. You can earn it by passing two mandatory exams:

  • 220-1001

This is a 90-minute test with 90 tasks that will be assessing your knowledge in handling hardware components, networking concepts and troubleshooting, the configuration of mobile devices, and cloud computing. To ace it, you have to score a minimum of 675 out of 900.

  • 220-1002

Just like with CompTIA Network+ Certification Practice Test Exam Questions 9 – Certbolt , this too consists of 90 questions to be answered within one and a half hours. It will test you on the configuration of operating systems, implementation of IT security, troubleshooting software, and operational procedures. To pass, you have to score at least 700 out of 900.

Career Benefits of Getting CompTIA A+ Certified

As we mentioned previously, having the A+ certification in your CV can give you the upper hand when entering the IT industry. Here are some ways in which it helps you build your career:

  • More job opportunities

Most job positions nowadays require you to possess certain skills, and if you’ve validated them by a proper credential, you have better chances to be hired. Some such positions that become available for you once you earn the CompTIA Security+ Certification Practice Test Questions: SY0-601 – CertBolt are service desk analyst, data support technician, help desk tech, technical support specialist, end user computing technician, and more.

  • Top-scale employers

This certification is trusted in renowned organizations like Dell, HP, Ricoh, Intel, Nissan, etc. Therefore, it gives you the prospect to work in companies with impeccable reputations and Click Here to Visit Resource URL Link .

  • Better salaries

It’s a fact that people with accreditations are eligible for above-average salaries because they have gained the experience to perform better than others. CompTIA A+ does the same job by giving you all the most essential skills and bringing an average annual pay of $61k as stated at Exam-Labs Practice Test Certification Exam Questions.

  • Promotions

After getting hired, your next goal would be to get promoted. And to do this, you have to gain the knowledge needed to work in the position you are aiming for. By following the A+ training and earning this credential, you will be able to pick up new skills or polish the existing ones and present yourself as a suitable candidate.

  • Job security

Job security is more like a dream in the field of IT. If you want to retain your position, you must keep yourself updated with all the new developments that come up from time to time. The A+ badge can help you with that thanks to its easy renewal process.


Considering the above points, acquiring the PrepAway Web Site Practice Test Certification Exam Questions is the perfect way to start your IT career. It gives you legit verification for your proficiency in various important aspects of IT. So, go ahead and get yourself accredited. You will have no regrets!