Killing your dreams – Following your heart

Killing Your Dreams – Following Your Heart

Being born as a woman in our part of the world brings us a lot of unjust social norms that we are bound to follow despite our dislike. Since childhood a daughter is told to take interest in household activities, since she is likely to get married eventually. She is told multiple times that her time in her parents’ house is limited. Her brothers are superior creatures because they are likely to bring money to the parents. A girl turns into a woman witnessing and hearing all these discriminating things that often result in taking her self-confidence away.

Ruhe für Geist und Seele

Why do people forget that woman is a human being too, she has dreams, aspirations, talent and skills. By constantly reminding her of the pre-defined fate that society has chosen for her she is thrown into a pit of gloominess and hopelessness. Many women fail to pursue education or give a worthwhile meaning to their life by falling a victim to this senseless typical mindset. She is a girl, graduation is enough, find her a suitable match, if she gets old no one is going to marry her. We hear these things from educated parents even, who know how talented their daughter is but unable to confront the relatives, friends and society they treat their child as a burden further aggravating her misery.

Irony of fate is that daughters are despised for their responsibility, while recent statistics reveal that many sons have left their parents in foster houses for the sake of their careers and love marriages. The increasing ratio of such incidents is a proof of our wrong social practices and norms. A woman is equal to a man, she is an all-rounder, she works, earns, takes care of her husband, children, in laws along with fulfilling domestic responsibilities expediently. In spite of all her efforts she is taken for granted and all her “hard work” is labeled as responsibility. A woman does everything from her heart, she sacrifices her dreams because of her love for family. If society cannot reward her, it should at least correct its concepts about “responsibilities”.

Why does not a man compromise his dreams for the family? There would be rare instances where men have sacrificed their careers for their parents and children. When you have empowered men with all the decisions and resources, there should not be any whining about the men not treating women well. They are encouraged at every step of life, while we women have to face discouragement even from the people we value most. Our dreams are killed, our hopes are squandered and we have to live the life thinking and caring about others. Countless brilliant women have fallen victim to this social inequality, it is high time we speak up. Letting others decide a fate for us is not the kind of life anyone would choose for themselves. If you have an aspiration endeavor to find a way for it, follow your heart and forget about people, value yourself more than anyone!