The kind of a friend you are based on your Zodiac

Happy Friendship Day! You may have many friends or might love sticking to a few. Do you really know their inborn traits?

The kind of a friend you are based on your Zodiac

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Does your friendship work for you? Learn the personality traits of each friend in the zodiac to gel with them better.




They are real fun to be with. You will never get bored because of their tendency to have an adventurous lifestyle. Even the most depressing days will turn out to be exciting with them. They are really good at noticing the littlest details so if you are even in the slightest mood to cheat or lie to them, think twice. They will fill your life with joy and their funny remarks will force you to burst out into laughter. Although jovial, they will treat you with the highest form of respect and honour.



The kind of a friend you are based on your Zodiac

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These people really love travelling. Any kind of a vacation, they will always be ready to hit the roads. They have the best advices in store. They are creative and passionate in whatever they do and will inspire you to reach your potential. The best thing about having Taureans as your friend is that they will never judge you for what you are.




They are very good at communicating with people and can bring the group together like no other sun sign in the zodiac. Just like Aries, they are fun loving and live life to the fullest. But because of their dicey nature, they find it difficult to commit to particular plan or idea. They tend to have a number of friends but if they consider you their closest, you surely are.




Cancereans are really protective about their loved ones. They try and make the most of the moment spent with their friends and family. They are givers and will do everything possible to keep their company happy. However, they seek the same feeling from the other side as well. If you cannot express or make equal efforts, they will sense that as offensive and retreat into their shells.



The kind of a friend you are based on your Zodiac

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Leos are an absolute delight to be with. They easily attract peoples’ love and compassion. Attention- seekers they are and can often appear demanding. But because of their likeability, people might at times overlook their commanding nature. If you are sad on a particular day, they know how to make you feel good. This is why everyone wants to be in their good books and loves to have them around.




Virgos are friends for life. They are shy and quieter in nature. They are quite reluctant to take the first step in befriending people. They are not born leaders and follow the herd wherever it goes. They often miscalculate the efforts they put in their friendships and feel they aren’t contributing enough. This is why they are always looking for friends who can appreciate them and keep them close without demanding much, loving them as they are.



The kind of a friend you are based on your Zodiac

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These people enjoy all the popularity in the world owing to their great communications skills. However, this doesn’t distract them in any way and they can effectively use their decision-making capabilities to follow the right path helping people who need them. However, they aren’t good secret-keepers and may blurt out things you have confided in them.




If you want a loyal friend, Scorpio is the one you should keep close. They love spending the “me time” and can also have fun among people if they wish to. They try being in the company of people they share a frequency with and can delve deeper into their personalities. They have trust issues and will open up only if they are sure of your loyalty.




These people glorify freedom and independence to the greatest extent. They will be your best pals during an adventure or a new task. They add excitement to people’s lives and love being with those who can be as independent as them.




They seek company in people who enjoy higher posts in different fields. They are very choosy when it comes to making friends and will try and hang out in the most posh places to gel with the most influential people. They admire free- spirited and trustworthy beings, who can be treasured for life.



The kind of a friend you are based on your Zodiac

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They love having friends. They love to make new friends and can network through all forms of media like no other. They have very refreshing ideas which people appreciate. They can appear detached at times but their loyalty is unquestionable. They can sense people’s suffering and will move beyond their capacities to do the needful.




They are the most compassionate people around. Just ask and they will help you with all they have, which is often taken advantage of. They will either be held high or completely devalued for their serving nature. They are quite reserved when it comes to choosing friends at the onset because of their scarred past in which they have been taken advantage of. This is why they try and stick with people they know since their childhoods in order to avoid further pain.


Have you found your true friend? Let us know which Zodiac your friend belongs and what do you love about them!



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