Do you know yourself yet? Here’s what you need to do!

Knowing and discovering your true self is a beautiful process that requires conscious effort, time and consideration. Not only do you get to know who you are, you also realize the activities you can do in order to be more productive. If you do not know who you are, you often end up spending lots of time doing things which are counter-productive and don’t have appositive effect on your life.

Being self-aware can make you become more confident and find your original purpose in life, in order to live more satisfyingly and loving life itself.

Do you know yourself yet? Here's what you need to do!



Discovering your true self requires you to embrace silence. You need to remain quiet and face the uncomfortable feeling which comes with being alone. When you are alone, you get to know your flaws on a deeper level. This helps in understanding which areas of your life you have to alter in order to become your true self.


The Real and Ideal Self

Do you know yourself yet? Here's what you need to do!

There is an ongoing battle between who you wish to be (ideal self) and who you really are (real self). Often, we feel that people are viewing us in the same way we view ourselves, and we view ourselves as the best possible versions of ourselves or the ideal self. In order to understand who your real self is, you can take personality tests or encourage feedback from others. Then you can slowly try to bridge the gap between your real and ideal self, to become wholesome.


Finding what you are good at

It is important to know what you are naturally good at and what you aren’t good at. It is necessary to realize when you are not good at something and take a step back, which is often a very difficult process. If you are putting your time and effort into something and it is not yielding any positive returns, it is time to let go of that activity and instead, do something which harbors success.


Do you know yourself yet? Here's what you need to do!

Asking for feedback from those around you can help you realize many parts of your personality you were unwilling to learn or ignoring altogether. If you ask others what strengths and weaknesses one should work on, it can be an abundantly helpful exercise to realize your strengths and shortcomings. You cannot obviously blindly trust someone else’s opinion of you, but you can work off of the information that is being provided to you. This is helpful for those who are in an identity crisis and need to find themselves.



Pay attention to your relationships

In order to truly know who you are, you need to observe the people you are with and get to know them better. For example, business leaders need to know each and every member of their team, otherwise they won’t end up being a good leader. Similarly, you need to know what your friends and family are like, to get to know what you find about yourself in them. This is a productive exercise which will help you find out who you are and also not waste time in relationships you don’t think are helping or supporting you in any way.



Your Passion

Do you know yourself yet? Here's what you need to do!

If there is something, any activity, that you enjoy doing from the heart, then that is your calling or your passion. Try out a range of different activities to find out what your passion is and then work on it. When you focus more on your passion, you will know who you really are and be more productive. Passion can help you know what impact you will have on the world you live in.