Know your body shape and dress accordingly

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Our bodies are of various shapes and sizes. Every human body is different in some aspect or another. Generally, our bodies are a genetic blueprint of characteristics inherited by our parents, grandparents or other blood relations. Some tend to inherit eyes that look like their father’s or some inherit other features from their fore-fathers! Similarly, we also tend to inherit, body shapes from our elder relatives(in most of the cases).

Ever wondered, why is that you eat too less but have heavy thighs? The answer is genes. But the good part is we can avert our body shapes by bringing changes in our lifestyle, eating habits etc. Here are the major body shapes. Check yours out!


Women with pear shaped body usually have compact shoulders and slimmer arms in proportion to their butt. The butt tends to be nicely shaped and good in volume. Such females gather weight easily in the lower portion of their body such as thighs and hips. Their waist is defined and glides down to the hips in a curvy shape.

Pear shaped women should follow a lifestyle that emphasizes on reducing the fat from their lower portion of the body. Walking, cycling and walking up stairs are good options to achieve toned thighs. At gym, they shall opt for cardio and exercises like squats.


A straight body shape is generally characterized through shoulders and hips of same proportion. The waist is comparatively thinner but not that attractive. Women of straight body shape often resemble the shape of a rectangle. Such women have nicely shaped lower legs but a flat butt. They tend to gain weight at torso initially, followed by the abdomen.

Such females should try highlighting their waists to look more attractive and feminine. They can wear tops with belts or tops that are embellished around the neck and ends. Women of straight or ruler body shape should minimally practice cardio exercises. Instead, they should opt for resistance training and exercises that help them define their curves more.


Around the globe, the most yearned for body shape! Hourglass figure is believed to be a genetic gift and a boon to women who effortlessly flaunt it. Women of hourglass body shape, are fairly good heighted and have perfect weight. They have equally proportioned shoulders and hips. And the waist is generally 9-10 inches smaller.

Hourglass figure is the most desired figure but is difficult to maintain as well. Women of such shape need to maintain a healthy lifestyle that maintains their fair metabolism. Regular exercise and dietary nutrition are essentially to be taken care of.


Oval body shape is often known as the apple body shape. These women are described by a large or heavy bust and thinner hips in comparison. Oval shaped women have slender legs and tend to accumulate fat in the midsection easily. Their shaped legs are their body’s best feature. Such women might exhibit a full face with a shorter neck.

Women of oval body shape can freely experiment with the lengths of their dresses due to their nicely shaped legs. They must try to emphasize the lower section of their body by wearing peplums or skirt attached-tops.

They should opt for cardio, for overall weight loss accompanied by exercises that tone up their arms. Leg presses will allow them to shift body weight in downward direction. Also, apple shaped women should carefully select their bra. They must go for bras that will nicely hold their breast and keep them firm in place.



Shrutika Agarwal

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