Learn These 5 Hair Dryer Tricks for Beautiful Hair

Remember how gorgeous your hair looked and felt after your stylist blow-dried it? How Shiny and perfectly sethair!!

Well, the end results of styling with a hair dryer at home may not  always be that gorgeous. Sometimes, you might just ruin a hairdo with excessive use of hair styling tools. Don’t get disheartened. Learning to use a hair dryer, and the perfect tricks to blow your hair is really not that tough. If you miss those bouncy waves with volume,  we got you. The right technique is to be gentle and ensure that your hair retains some luster and bounce. Above all, before you learn any trick, make sure that you have the right kind of hair dryer, so that you can easily adjust the heat and the airflow.

Hair Dryer Tricks for Beautiful Hair

Here are a few hair dryer tricks for your beautiful hair:

  • Start Gently

Your hair is more fragile when it is completely wet. You must dry out the excess water with a soft fabric towel, instead of rubbing it. Use a wide-tooth flat comb to detangle your wet hair or do it with your fingers. You must be gentle while doing this to avoid unnecessary hair breakage.

  • Let Your Hair Dry

If your hair is not dry, then it is best to use the hair dryer on a low heat until it is almost dry. The heat you use on your hair should also be comfortable for your skin—try it on the back of your hand first. It is done so that you do not use excessive heat on your scalp as it can get dry.

  • Apply a heat protectant first before blow-drying

Whenever you use any type heating device on your hair (whether a hair dryer or a hair styler), it is always a good idea to first spray heat-protectant on your hair to prevent any hair damage. Otherwise,the heat from the hair dryer dehydrates your hair causes frizz. So, to avoid this, always use a heat-protective spray or serum.

  • Choose the Best Hair Dryer

When styling your hair, with a hair dryer, you need to first adjust the heat setting to suit the type your hair. Hair dryer from brands like Vega come with multiple heat, cool and speed settings,which are easy to change, giving you maximum control over the styling functions. You can also use brushes along with the hair dryers for a better result.

  • Section Your Hair

You must divide your hair first to speed up the hair dryers process. It helps you to work on smaller sections of hair at once and dry your entire hair quicker. Then use a ceramic coated round brush to start blowing out your hair. The heat from the hair dryer warms the ceramic rim, drying the hair more efficiently and giving each part a slight curl.


Create Styles on the Go

Getting the perfect hairstyle at home is very much possible. You just need the right hair dryer!Trying with these five tricks can help you use a hair dryer better at home,Get salon like hair styling with flawless, beautiful curled tresses right at home with the best hair dryer available in the market. You can check out premium appliances and grooming brands such as Vega when you are looking for the best hair dryer online. You can explore range of Vega hair dryers on their online shop, and at really competitive prices.Their compact and light-weight dryer comes with a foldable handle which makes it effortless to store and carry while on the go.Vega dryers also have detachable nozzles and also some models have diffuser

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