Leo: Love Horoscope 2016

 Leo: Love Horoscope 2016


2016 is a great year for Leos seeking love. It is a great time to let bygones be bygones and work consistently towards making the present perfect. The previous year’s romantic illusions can be jettisoned.




This month’s love horoscope for Leos indicates that there will be a lot of changes happening in the dynamics of your relationship. The changes can be good or bad. Whatever it is, it needs to be welcomed with open arms. Your sense of security might get intruded but there is no other way out.

You will also observe a lot of growth in you which is a positive sign. As the maxim says,” Change is the only constant” and so it is important for relationships to change in order to become better.



Leo: Love Horoscope 2016

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The month of September is a great time for all those Leos blessed to be in love. Those already married will experience some very romantic moments. You will feel young and energetic.

Those in a serious relationship will be in awe of their love interests. You will be pampered and made to feel like a queen. Cherish those blissful moments of love.

Acknowledge your partner’s gestures by giving in to his demands. Prepare delicious meals for him. These small things will go a long way in keeping your relationship strong and positive.



October’s Horoscope for Leos is significant to their relationships. The month can be ridden with bad dates, broken hearts, tearful phone calls but these bad omens are for a reason which will change for the better.

You are bound to find the right person to love. He will make your life like a living paradise.

At this point of time, your life can be compared to a movie. The audience always sees a happy ending. Your life will be similar too as all the obstacles will be dealt with in the pursuit of finding true love. Your broken heart will be mended by someone who knows how delicate it is and that will make all the difference.



November’s love horoscope for Leos says that their love life will face testing times. Your marriage might hit the rocks. The phase is, however, is a transient one and will pass gradually.

The trials and tribulations in your relationship might depress you. Negative thoughts can infest your brain.  It is advisable to not get disheartened. Remain calm and you will be able to find solutions to all the problems.

Discussing these issues with your partner is the only remedy available. Don’t let pride and ego come into the way of your relationship.  Recall those beautiful moments spent with your friends and find solace in them. There is always some light at the end of the tunnel.



Leo: Love Horoscope 2016

Instagram Account: ashish.langade

Love horoscope for December is highly in favor of Leos. The feeling of romance will be rekindled. The future will suddenly appear bright.

It is the month of the year and so it is important to embrace everything that happened during the course of your relationship.  The rough patch brought out the best in you.  Forgiveness and acceptance form the backbone of any relationship and must be practiced on a daily basis.

Devote some time to create fresh blueprints for the improvement you would like to see in your love life the next year.

Always remember that love is a beautiful feeling that requires a lot of investment from both the sides. It is like a plant that requires constant nourishment to save it from getting perished.



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