Leo Man and Scorpio Woman: Love Compatibility?

She is a creature of the water. He’s the king of the land. Yet, they yearn for what the other has. That is what brings together the Scorpio woman with the Leo man.

It is hard to imagine the two of them as a couple, isn’t it? Him, with his outspoken personality and pride. She, with her silent and powerful aura. But like those magical connections, worthy of the cinema, these two get along against all logic. It is the basic principle of opposites attract that works here. With, of course, the deeply hidden secret that they are but the same. If you were wondering if it will ever work out with your Leo crush, astrology has all the answers for you.

leo man scorpio woman compatibility

The Leo Man – Scorpio Woman Relationship

These two zodiac signs are very similar in a lot of ways. What brings them together is what the other has, what they lack. Being a fire sign, he is aware that she can drown him. Similarly, she knows that water gets evaporated with too much heat. They are both fixed signs and like to lead. The difference is that he is more open about his desires than she is. But the power struggle doesn’t last long. For she has more maturity in her than he does.

The Scorpio woman will understand the Leo man better than most. Her sensitivity allows her to sense hurt without him having to express it. But if he thinks he can push her around, he has another thing coming for him. It’s like that quote by Oberyn Martell on Game of Thrones’ Histories and Lore:

“The lion may be a mighty beast, but pride always lifts his gaze to the horizon, never seeing – in the grass – the viper.”

Which, in this case, can be the Scorpion’s sting. Both will do well to beware of each other. Yet, when done right, theirs can be among the most harmonious relationship there is.

Scorpio Woman – Leo Man Attraction

leo-scorpio attraction

It’s not difficult spotting a Leo man in a crowd. So, chances are that she’ll notice him before he sees her. The confidence he exudes will surely attract her to him. She is a pretty confident person herself, mind you. But she cannot display that confidence the way he does. And she admires him for it. When he does meet her gaze, he sees in her a powerful woman. Capable of both, inflicting harm and providing comfort. Where others shy away from her gaze, he is attracted to it.

There is a mystical aura in her silence that only he can appreciate. Being a water sign she has a certain detachment in her. Even if she tries she can never convey her feelings to anyone fully. She envies and admires his ability to spread warmth. He can express himself so articulately that it makes her heart melt. He brings to the front all that she cannot. Through him, she sees an expression of her innermost thoughts and feelings. He admires her calm and calculated persona. With so strong fires blowing inside of him, her cool sets his mind at ease.

Leo Man and Scorpio Woman in Bed

In general, their sexual relationship can be intermittent. There are periods of strong passion, followed by some cold spells. However, that is not something that they cannot work out together. She finds his strength erotic. How he takes over in bed like a king. She isn’t a follower, but his sexual dominance is not something she has an issue with.

He finds her silent passion a challenge to his impulsive romantic nature. She’s a mystery that he has to solve. He can only imagine what wonders a sexual union with her can mean. Being an impatient man that he is, he cannot resist wanting to solve that mystery. All that is needed for them to make their sexual union a bliss is a more verbal expression from her, and consideration from him.

Because they both fulfill the basic requirements for a heavenly intercourse. His passion that burns like fire. Her knowledge that fulfilling sex begins in the mind and heart. Needless to say, their sexual relationship will go beyond the desires of the body. It will be a union of the souls.

Scorpio Woman and Leo Man Relationship Problems

They seem to be different and that helps them get along. But the subtle similarities in their characters cause problems in the long run. For starters, her silence infuriates him sometimes. There will be times when he needs her to tell him exactly what she feels. He loses his mind when she fails to do so. What he doesn’t realize is that his dominance makes her quieter. And the Leo male suffers the same problem. It’s called pouting.

His arrogance makes her lose her cool. She does admire his confidence. But when it turns to arrogance, as it so often does, she can’t stand it. Poked too much and she can be more lethal than him. His flock of female admirers can cause tension between them. More than that, the fact that he makes no effort to turn them away, pisses her off. This kind of jealousy can make her cheat on him out of spite. But that will be highly disastrous for their relationship for he cannot forgive physical disloyalty. His own high standards of loyalty make him hate that weakness in others.

Is a marriage between a Leo Man and a Scorpio Woman a good idea?

leo scorpio marriage

Let me begin by saying that this marriage will not always be rainbows and sunshine. Both the partners will have to work equally hard to make it work. That is not to say that it will be a challenge all the time. But when it will be, they will have to work together. Sometimes he comes off as a cold-hearted predator. Something that her extremely sensitive heart cannot take. These kinds of differences can cause some disharmony between the two.

But all their problems can be solved. For she has the ability to introspect, while he forgives very easily. These two qualities help them balance out all the other negativities between them. When the two fight, she has to be the one to make the effort of reconciliation. His false sense of pride and superiority makes it difficult for him to admit that he was wrong. Even when he is, he would try to put the blame on her.

A harmonious marriage between these two leads to a peaceful household. A household where they raise strong and independent children. If she ever does something that hurts the Leo man, he should know that the fault must lie in him. He must’ve pushed her to great extremes to make her take such steps. An open ear and an expressive approach is the difference between happiness and complete disaster for them.


Still wondering if you will make it with him? Well, for all his faults, you don’t want to let this man go. Because no matter what he does, he will always make up for it with something beautiful, like in the song of the musical “The King and I”:

He may not always say what you would have him say
But now and then he’ll say something wonderful

The thoughtless things he’ll do will hurt and worry you
Then all at once, he’ll do something wonderful

He has a thousand dreams that won’t come true
You know that he believes in them and that’s enough for you

You’ll always go along, defend him when he’s wrong
And tell him when he’s strong, he is wonderful

He’ll always need your love, and so he’ll get your love
The man who needs your love can be wonderful


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