Are You A Lesbian Or Bisexual? 10 Ways To Help You Understand Your True Desires

Have you ever felt this attraction towards a person of same sex? And then it eventually led to a thought in your mind whether you are a lesbian. Maybe you are! or maybe you are bisexual. That’s a possibility too. It is completely okay to be bisexual or bi-curious too. Every girl once in a lifetime does admire another girl for her magnificent body or sexy never-ending legs or curves etc and it is normal and doesn’t exactly say or mean that you are lesbian or bisexual or bi-curious either. But when the thoughts wander far than just the way she looks then you have got to know about your sexual preference.

Are You A Lesbian Or Bisexual? 10 Ways To Help You Understand Your True Desires

You may have a very limited experience in this field but sometimes, just sometimes you feel like you want to explore the other side too. You wonder what it is like to kiss another girl or the girl you seem to admire from afar. You have this huge crush on a woman and you just can’t stop yourself from thinking what it would be like to be in a relationship with her. If you are having these thoughts then one thing is for sure that you are not straight but you are either a lesbian or bi-sexual.


Knowing Your Sexual Preference

Have you been thinking a lot about this? All the thoughts make you feel so frustrated. Here are a few ways that can help you in reaching some conclusion about your sexual preference and help you find out whether you are lesbian or bi-sexual.

Firstly, Think It Through

Are you really into women? Ask yourself that.  Even straight people admire the same sex and it is perfectly normal to admire and like someone. But do you feel like you not only admire them but also have feelings for them? You wonder what it is like to live with them, be in a relationship with them or be close to them. Moreover, if you don’t mind having intimate thoughts about them then it indicates that you are attracted to them and you are not straight. Identifying your sexual preference is important and it is the first thing you have to do.

Acknowledging Your Sexual Preference

Are You A Lesbian Or Bisexual? 10 Ways To Help You Understand Your True Desires

Accepting that your sexual preferences exist and are different than what you thought is hard for some. It is so because most of us are grown up in the households where we have heterosexual parents and that is what they have thought us too. Whether we want to accept it or not but the truth is that some countries are still getting used to the notion of homosexuality and are not so open about it. It might create a hesitation in you too. It is okay to feel scared to accept that you might either be bisexual or lesbian. It is not a bad thing to be attracted to women. You have to be honest with yourself and accept your sexuality.

Knowing The Exact Terms

Many people out there don’t know what being bi-sexual means or what being a lesbian means. Chuck others, you need to learn what they actually mean if you want to know what your sexual preferences are. Being a lesbian means being attracted to a woman and having no interest at all in the men both sexually and emotionally. Men don’t seem to excite you or attract you in any way. Being a bi-sexual means being attracted to more than one sex, being attracted to both men and women. Both of these terms seem same to some people but their definitions are different.

Do Men Attract You?

You see the understanding of sexuality is quite complex. Sexuality is fluid and it might confuse you. You may appreciate the men who are good looking, who are hot and you may quite like them but you may not be attracted to them in a sexual way. If a man can’t make you swoon over him or doesn’t turn you on in anyway, it is quite a possibility that you are lesbian.

Do You Think A Lot About Women?

So now it is made clear what a lesbian or bi-sexual is, let’s talk about the frequency of your thoughts. How often do you find yourself thinking about women? Do men ever make an appearance in your thoughts? If you are a bi-sexual you might switch both between men and women, regardless of the frequency.

If you are not a bisexual but a lesbian all you can think about is a woman. A man doesn’t excite you and even the thoughts of getting cozy or intimate with men can’t turn you on.

What Kind Of Porn Do You Watch?

Are You A Lesbian Or Bisexual? 10 Ways To Help You Understand Your True Desires

Some of you might say that even straight woman love watching lesbian porn and I agree with it totally because lesbian porn just seems so fascinating to everyone, straight or not. One thing that can easily prove whether you are lesbian or not is your watch history. If the whole history consists of lesbian porn and it is the only way you masturbate then it is clear that you are lesbian. If you are bisexual your history might be varied and you might masturbate to men or women both, the ratio doesn’t matter.

Try Those Lame Online Quiz And Tests

You might be saying –like seriously? Well, yeah it is lame but these tests do sometimes make sense you know. Don’t go for those lame ones that pop up in the ads but do research and go for the ones that might genuinely help you. The ones that are created by professionals or experts even. They might help you to know what your sexual preferences are. There’s nothing wrong in giving it a try.

Try Experimenting

Still unsure? Don’t worry, no one’s going to judge you if you test your sexuality. You can experiment by trying to date a girl. Spend some time and see what it feels like. Do you still feel sexual feelings towards man even when you are with her? Does a hot guy turn you on even when you are happily dating the said girl? If all these are true then you are a bisexual. There’s no doubt in that. If you are happy with the women and men no longer seem to interest you then you are lesbian.

Don’t Bother With Labels

If you are worrying about labels, don’t. If you want to label yourself then go ahead and do it. But don’t do it for the sake of others. Society demands answers and people give it to them. But understand that you don’t need to do it, you do it only if you want to, only if you feel comfortable with it. Just enjoy being you, celebrate the womanhood and don’t worry about labels because they are just that ‘labels’ and nothing else.

I hope this helped you in some way. It might be different for you to go ahead with this but all of it just fear of the unknown that you have to overcome after that you will be fine. Explore your sexuality whether lesbian or bisexual and get comfortable with it.