Deepika Padukone: Lessons learnt on depression

Lessons about depression from Deepika Padukone

Recently Deepika Padukone had the courage to share with the world she suffers from depression. It shows us that anyone can suffer and can be depressed. That you should be a superstar or an ordinary person, the illness can attack anyone. As stated by the Bollywood queen, depression can attack anyone, therefore she wants to encourage people to talk about it; not to feel awkward or shy when it happens or shut away. Instead, her advice is to come forward and seek help. Deepika Padukone is currently working on projects to create awareness around the illness. She also states that accepting and talking about it helped more than the medications she was taking. Seeing a doctor and taking medication can be a real help at first. A therapy or reading books about psychology and depression can also be a good help. But explaining to your close friends and family what you are feeling and why you feel like that will make you better. And it will be a big help also for them to understand why you have changed or look sad at times. You should acknowledge your problem, try to talk to yourself, ask for help and seek treatment. Do not close yourself in the dark space.

In this article, we will talk about some of the remedies that the Deepika Padukone suggested.

Acknowledge your problem

First thing is to become conscious that you are suffering from depression or anxiety. This is a big step. It is half of the way to a better state. Then you have to handle that situation and take the means to get better. Diagnose the situation. Think about events in your life you find difficult to deal with. It can also be linked to past events in your childhood you never overcame.

Connect with yourself

Lessons about depression from Deepika Padukone

Try to be aware of your emotions, your body and your feelings. Accept to take a moment to do some introspection and connect with yourself. Taking some distance about a relationship, toxic people or social pressure to understand what really matters for you. Think about what is positive in your life and what makes you feel better. Try to take some time alone in a quiet place and put soft music. Breathe slowly and close your eyes. Focus on the present moment and chase bad thoughts of your mind.

Think positive

Each day when you wake up, focus on a goal. Focus on something you can be happy to wake up for. It can be very simple things. But think about what can make you happy. Sitting in the sun for 5 minutes? Eating a nice hot chapati? Take time to enjoy those simple moments. If you have a more positive attitude, people will feel it around you and slowly things will move. Try to be your own motivator and do not underestimate yourself, you have the potential to have a great life and to be happy. Put your energy in positive thoughts. Be your own mirror of life, do what you want, do what your feel. Always remember it’s your life, your future and present depends on how you shape it.

Write down your thoughts!

Another way to be happy is to write down your thoughts. For example, keep a diary. Keep memories. Write down all the things which used to make you happyIn this dairy write both happy and sad memories. When in the future you will read it, learn a lesson out of it. It will help you to rectify your past mistakes. You can also some of your dreams, black thoughts you can’t get rid of, you can also draw some situations and little by little things will become clearer. A good exercise is to write down the 10 good things that happened to you every day.

Do what used to make you happy!

Lessons about depression from Deepika Padukone

Many times during depression we become frustrated. We tend to think that life is over and we have no possible happiness in the future. However, a good way to get over this bad phase is to dwell into happy past memories. Think of your happy times, be grateful for them. Do things which make you happy. Concentrate on what you like and not on the thoughts that make you feel depressed.

Indulge in meditation or exercise

Least but not last another good way to get rid of depression is to meditate. It helps you to relax your mind and your body muscles as well. It also brings peace in you, makes you feel happy and free. Medication removes all kinds of negativity as you stop ruminating and connect to your heart.

We encourage all individual not to suffer in silence but to come forward. You should seek help and accept the fact that things will change in the future.


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