10 Signs a Libra Man Secretly Likes You!

This is not a man of mystery. He’s a man of love. But he isn’t like those fire signs Leo or Aries, who would make a love confession. So, how do you find out whether he likes you or not? Astrology might not have figured everything out. But it sure knows its way around a man’s heart. While no two libra men are the same when it comes to love they follow some similar pattern. Based on those similar characteristics, you can look for some signs, that give away his true feelings. So, here’s a blog to help you solve this mystery, by telling you 10 signs a Libra Man Secretly Likes You.

libra man likes you

1. He Will Not Back Down

A Libra man that has fallen in love doesn’t back down. He will always try to impress you in one way or the other. Don’t worry, he won’t turn into a stalker. It will be a very pleasant pursuit. And if you tell him that you are not interested, he will give up. But till the time there is hope, he will try to win your love and attention. Don’t make him chase you for too long. If you like him back, admit it when you are ready.

2. He Will Always Be at His Best

No matter what time of the day it is, you will always see him looking his best. Libra men believe that beauty helps capture the heart. So, when they are trying to impress a crush, they are their best selves. He will be the epitome of grace and elegance. His dressing and mannerism will all reflect the gentleman inside. And you will know he will be especially careful of his appearance around you. He is doing all of this just for you.

3. But You Will Get to See His True Self

The Libra man does not open up easily. He will seem like the best friend to many. But no one knows him well enough. However, if he is in love, he would behave differently. He would not hide anything from you. He will open up about his feelings. You will learn more about his family and past life. You will know that you have a special place in his life because no one would have heard the things he shares with you. This will lead to a special bond between the two of you. If nothing else, you will have a friend for life.

4. You, Will, Be the Only Woman He Focusses On

 libra man is interested

Even the shyest Libra men are unintentional flirts. It comes to them naturally, they can’t control it. But when he is bound to a woman in love, this changes. There will be no other woman that he thinks of except for you. He will devote all of his time and energy to make you happy. It wouldn’t be a problem for him to stay away from other women. That will come naturally too when he is in love. But be sure you don’t exploit his devotion. Because if you do that then there’s no chance that he will stick around for more.

5. He Is Always Happy to Be Around You

No matter how bad things are, whenever he’s around you, he will cheer up. being around you makes him happy. You are the silver lining to his cloudy sky. This is why he always seeks you out in a crowd. So, have you noticed that he’s always cheery around you? It’s not just you that is making him smile. It has got more to do with the fact that he is in love. He has fallen in love, the one true feeling he always aspired to achieve.

6. He Will Talk About Commitment More Often

He has never been the one to think about commitment. If anything, he runs away from it. Yet nowadays he brings up this issue whenever he can. He would talk about the importance of serious relationships. And how he would like to be in one with the right person. Many times, he would also talk about how you are everything he needs. Or how anyone would be lucky to have you in their life. Things like these are just a way to elicit your reaction. He needs to know that you are on the same track as him.

7. He Only Has Eyes for You


He is the first one to notice, every time you change something about your look. Was it your new hairstyle? Or a new dress you wore? Or maybe you weren’t wearing kajal? No matter what it is he knows something is different. That’s because he doesn’t care about anyone around him except for you. When a Libra male falls in love, he loves deeply. He wants to know you in as much detail as possible. Since he can’t read your mind, he will read your personality. Your physical appearance is a huge part of that. So, prepare to be showered with compliments.

8. He Is the First to Give You a Compliment

 libra man has crush on you

He is a man that loves to receive compliments. If you want to attract a Libra guy, shower him with compliments. But when he starts doling out praises on you, the tables have turned. The romantic Libra has fallen in love and no amount of words will be enough to express his appreciation of his lady love. The only way for him to express his devotion is compliments. So, even when no one else seems particularly interested in what you did, he will be your cheerleader.

9. He Will Go Out of His Way for You

Your problems will be his problems. The Libra man cannot see his lady love in distress. So, any time he feels like you are down in the dumps, he will do all in his power to cheer you up. Even if it takes going out of his way to do something for you. His devotion knows no bounds. You can always depend on this guy for everything you need. But don’t be a woman who takes advantage of his love. He is not a fool. When he sees through your act, you will lose one of your strongest allies.

10. He Tries His Best to Stay in Touch

He may or may not be a Chatty Cathy. But when it comes to the women of his dreams, he cannot get enough. Look at your chat thread. Is there an ongoing conversation between the two of you? Don’t be surprised if there is. The Libra guy will try his best to always be in touch with you. He will call whenever he can. Make plans to hang out. Send texts when you haven’t talked for long. All so that he never misses anything that happens in your life.


Cherish this man if he shows interest in you. A Libra man in love with you is all you need for a fairy tale romance. But if he isn’t the man of your dreams, don’t leave him hanging. Let him know how you feel and you will have a friend for a lifetime. If you do have feelings for him and you see these signs in him, hurry up! Your knight in shining armour awaits!


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