Lifestyle changes in India over last 10 years- Part 1

Lifestyle changes in India over last 10 years- Part 1

Indian lifestyles have always been an exciting topic all over the world. With thousand-year-old cultures and diverse ancient regimes, Indian lifestyles have always been fascinating. In recent times Indian lifestyle had seen a gigantic shift with the intervention of modern routines in upbringing. The shift is overwhelming as well as saddening at the same time. Why? Well! Because this change in Indian lifestyle has caused the old Indian values to loose luster and at the same time has allowed coming face to face with the boons of having a contemporary way of life.

What significant change do we observe around us?


Lifestyle changes in India over last 10 years- Part 1

My six year old cousin from Kerala knows how to connect the IPad to Wi-Fi. He knows how to create a Gmail account too. This took me by surprise. In fact it shook me from within as I recalled my struggle finding the Caps lock button at the age of eleven. I couldn’t make out if this was a development or his juvenile innocence was being taken away. Several schools across India have made a tablet compulsory in school curriculum. All such actions have made kids in India more informed about the technologies but at the same time pointed out fingers on the education system.



Lifestyle changes in India over last 10 years- Part 1

We have seen significant changes in food choices all over the country. With globalization availing several foreign brands in our markets, our food choices have altered. Indians have developed the habit of consuming processed food. KFC’s and Mc Donald have become obligatory. The office lunch boxes have been replaced with thirty minutes delivery from Dominos. This has caused growing concerns in national health. India now ranks third in highest obesity rate in the world. Well! Whatever the state is, there is no disagreement with the fact that Ghar ka Khana will always be a fondness.



Lifestyle changes in India over last 10 years- Part 1

Indian traditional system of living in joint families from two to twenty members is not much opted today. Indians are deciding on nuclear system of living. The prevailing tradition of the joint family system or undivided family has seen a switch over the past decade. The historic practice of living in joint families is though present in many parts of the country but the youngsters are choosing for more freedom oriented style of living prevalent in nuclear family lifestyles.


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