Lifestyle changes in India over the last 10 years- Part 2

Indian lifestyles have always been an exciting topic all over the world.

Lifestyle changes in India over the last 10 years- Part 2

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With thousand year old cultures and diverse ancient regimes, Indian lifestyles have always been fascinating. In recent times Indian lifestyle had seen a gigantic shift with the intervention of modern routines in upbringing. The shift is overwhelming as well as saddening at the same time. Why? Well! Because this change in Indian lifestyle has caused the old Indian values to loose luster and at the same time has allowed coming face to face with the boons of having a contemporary way of life.



Indian lifestyles have always been an exciting topic all over the world.

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Indian children back in times were awakened in the morning to prayers in adoration of a deity. Worshipping was a very important part of Indians life. India in that matter is well renowned for its diversity in religious beliefs and practices. The culture of worshipping seems to be declining among the new generations as they are picking up the modern age philosophies of personal choice and freedom of discovering their religion on their own.



With changing trends and styles in Indian attires, wearing a saree has become limited only to special occasions. Adaptation of western fashion in India has been evident in the country and we are also not unaware from the growth of fashion industry in the last years. Nowadays pants, shirts and tops are the casual attires in women’s clothing contrary to the salwar kameez and churidaars in older times. The dressing patterns of Indians have been apparent. Even though Indians have welcomed the western fashion whole heartedly, the grace and harmony of a saree remains unbeatable….. Maybe that’s why they are now preserved for special occasions (winks!)



Lifestyle changes in India over the last 10 years- Part 2

Instagram Account: sonalid3

What once was considered impossible in India has now become a pleasing reality. Women in India were considered only as homemakers and their abilities were judged only fit for performing household chores. Though these mindsets lag back to sixty years ago and women’s positing in society, education, their economic position has significantly changed after 1960s. The kitchen keepers have profoundly emerged as nation builders and now the commanding members in the family are women also. They have found space, voice and immense respect in the male dominated world and now they rub shoulders with men in various fields. The new horizons for womanhood in India has been found but a lot needs to be done and the good news is Indian women are unstoppable!



Advent of numerous technologies into our daily lives has sadly made us lethargic and inevitably dependent. Just like other parts of the world, Indians too have technology controlling their lives remarkably. Technology has apparently become a dominant part of our daily lives because of which the gully cricket has now been substituted by Temple run or angry birds. Though there are countless pros of technology due to which Indian lifestyle has been positively affected but that had to be done against a heavy bargain on Indian cultural aesthetics.


These were some ways in which Indian lifestyle has been affected over the decade. I am sure if we take a look back into our lives ten years ago, we will find out the fading demure of Indian principles. Who is to be blamed or what reasons are to be quoted against the transition, I don’t wish to debate on that as there are multiple dimensions to it. All I know is though the modern beautiful lifestyle needs to be acknowledged but at the same time the Indian panache needs to be kept alive.


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