Living Apart Together (LAT): The new trend among married couples!

India isn’t as same as it was a couple of decades back. It has enormously changed its social models and principles, especially when it comes to gender equality. Today, women too are considered a family’s breadwinner. They have started working in large numbers and have been doing exceptionally well in their fields. As a result, men being the traditional breadwinner share the pressure and stress of work equally with women.

Living Apart Together (LAT): The new trend among married couples!

Sometimes work doesn’t allow two partners to stay in the same city. Often it happens that a partner gets an exclusive offer from a company at the condition of changing the city and he/she moves out for the sake of financial security and growth. Such situations cause a dampening relationship between you and your partner. But nowadays, modern Indian married couples have found a unique solution to this problem which is popularly known as LAT-Living apart together. Herein you live separately but still stay happily together and do not let the romance and love fade away.

In this article we guide to how to LAT with these effective methods.



Talk Regularly

Living Apart Together (LAT): The new trend among married couples!

If you have your communication game on point, you are half way through. So, make time to talk often. Plan your phone calls and keep texting every once in a while to check in with what your partner is up to. Make video calls or simply just send in an adorable voice message. With plethora of messaging apps, there shouldn’t be dearth of communication between the couple.


See Each Other Often

Living Apart Together (LAT): The new trend among married couples!

The physical presence of your partner around you is unquestionably an unmatched feeling. Therefore, it is important that the couple gets their time fixed to see each other. One can travel home on weekends and help the other with the pending chores and show good companionship. This won’t make the other half feel lonely or let them be in a mood that they are handling things at home all on their own.


Plan Your expenses

Since you guys will be sharing two households now, it is of utmost importance to have a detailed discussion on how the expenses will be split. You will have a long list of bills, EMI, rent and travel cost. Hence, draw up a money game plan.



Make conscious effort to not fight

Living Apart Together (LAT): The new trend among married couples!

When there is a fight, a lot of time is wasted in altering egos. Who should go and say sorry, who was right and wrong consumes all the time you have. And so, couples must make a conscious effort to not fight and pencil in time for conversations. They should try to tackle things by talking to each other. Of course, everything isn’t going to be a cakewalk when you are away from each other. There will be confusions and chaos at times, but ensure that you aren’t squabbling about small unavoidable things.



The separation will be a great lesson

The amount of time you both will spend staying separated will help you come closer to your intertwined reality. You will know where you stand as a couple and what possibly you have in your future. This will not just help you dig a strong grip professionally but will also indicate how well you are doing as companions.


Living together but apart is also a great way to be in an environment full of positivity as the partners can de-stress while they are away and spend the most worthy and quality time when they meet each other. The couples will also not feel the drench of marriage and will have their own space to be on their own. This is why this new trend is wide spreading among Indian married couples as they can happily live together while staying apart!



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