Looking forward to living a minimalist life?

Looking forward to living a minimalist life?

The less you expect the more you’ll have – need I explain it any further? The hack to a minimalist living is to desire less and be content with what you own or acquire comfortably with the help of your resources. Desiring less is something that is more important than owning less for a minimalist living.

Opt for a tight and worry free lifestyle where you don’t always strive to shop at the costliest mall, drive the biggest car, eat at the finest restaurant so that you have to count every penny at the end of each month before spending even on the most basic items you need for a secure living.

Here are a few tips you can espouse to lead a minimalist lifestyle:



Buy items that you can use for different purposes, or store up on and utilise items that are otherwise disposables. For example, baby oil can be used to remove makeup, smooth zippers, as a shaving gel substitute, a paint remover and so on. You could use Coke or beer cans as pen stands, or cookie boxes to store jewellery. Know how to make the best use of all items.



Looking forward to living a minimalist life?

Get used to living with less. Clear up your study desk, kitchen tops, computer tables, dining tables and so on of unwanted items. So that you can be bounded by a neater and cleaner surrounding that will contribute to a minimalist household environment. When you get used to living with less, you automatically desire less and hence thrive in living a compact life.



Discard what you don’t require. Be it clothes or shoes you haven’t worn in ages, and other personal or household items that have been of no use to you at all for the past few years. The more you stack up on unwanted items the more the desire grows to add up to the stock. Do not develop the habit of purchasing and stacking up things you would not really need.



Looking forward to living a minimalist life?

Before you make an impulsive buy, ask yourself if you possess similar objects. For instance, do not buy a rucksack or a travel bag if you already have one which is in perfect shape, because how often do you need a travel bag anyway? Even if you are a regular traveller do you really need to own two bags? One travel bag is necessity, two travel bags is luxury. When you are looking forward to living a minimalist lifestyle you need to stick to necessity.



Why would you buy a black party dress when you already have two of those at home and how often do you go to parties? – These are questions you must consider if you want to live the life of a minimalist. Buy what you will be able to wear often. It does feel great to own exclusive dresses but it isn’t really too great when you can’t wear them even though you own them. Buy clothes according to the kind of life you live regularly, depending on whether you’re a homemaker, a school or college goer or a corporate. Inheriting a smart wardrobe also includes possessing clothes that you can wear to your workplace, as well as to a social gathering by creating minor add-ons or trimmings and owning shrugs, jackets or bottoms in neutral colours that compliment most of your clothes.



Looking forward to living a minimalist life?

Adopt an unfussy and a budget friendly meal pattern. Incorporate minimalism to your lifestyle by simplifying your meals as well. Store up leftovers from last night’s dinner in the fridge so you can take it to office the next day for lunch. You’ll end up saving money from spending on lunch at the canteen. Not only will this contribute to your health but also push you one step ahead in attaining the life of a minimalist.



This is a very good habit for an impending minimalist to take up. No matter how much you earn make sure you save one fourth of the total amount. Setting aside a sum of money for unforeseen emergencies should be both an obligation and a resort for the minimalist.

These are a few steps you can take up provided you’ve been striving to commence living the life of a minimalist. Always know that in order to live a low key life, desire less and make the most of what you have.


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