Are you losing out on friends?

Are you losing out on friends?

Not every ‘friend’ you come across in your lifetime stays life-long. You’ll have only a few who’ll stick to you in rough times and others will stick around during your high times. However if you are losing out on those few close friends that have stuck by you during your times of need and you suddenly find them having distanced themselves, it is probably because you have unwittingly contributed to the space.



Are you losing out on friends?

Have you been too busy with work and your own life that you have not been able to pay enough attention to your friends? Have you wondered whether there were occasions when they tried to connect with you in their times of need or when they have attempted at sharing the happenings in their life with you? This could be one reason as to why you are losing out on your intimate friends.



Those few close friends who had stuck by you in your times of need you know will stick throughout regardless of whether you acknowledge their efforts or not. But it is essential that you maintain contact with these friends so that they do not feel unwanted or as if they were bothering you too much. They might feel as though losing them won’t really make much of a difference to you.



Are you losing out on friends?

Even if you do keep in touch, make sure it isn’t forced. You must make time that you genuinely want to invest in nurturing the friendship. So that in the text messages, the phone conversations or in conversations on a face to face level you don’t come across as cold or disinterested. Losing out on a handful of true friends may not be a wise decision after all.



When you make a mistake, it is necessary for you to make suitable amends for the mistakes you commit. If you have been rude to a particular friend in the recent past, and they were one of those extremely close friends of yours who love you in spite of all your flaws, you assume that it isn’t compulsory to seek an apology from them because they will forgive you anyway. But what you fail to understand is that because they love you so much they tend to easily get hurt by you as much.



Are you losing out on friends?

It is important that you understand as to where you should draw the line. It is acceptable if you share about both the occurrences in your life that bring sorrow or joy with those few close buddies. But you must not become too clingy, that you become almost like a burden for them. It isn’t nice to have your friends take responsibility all the time of your life. You are an independent individual and must be able to tend for your own self. You know you have never done them any wrong but still you end up losing out on them, it is because you don’t realise how much wrong you have been doing to them unconsciously.



Have you taken the side of another person you may have been acquainted with on a much later date from the time you’ve known your best friend? If you have then it couldn’t have been any worse. It is so very important that you stick to your closest friends and stand by them when they need you the most. They trust you; have always been there for you and it should be a duty for you to return the favour. This is exactly how bonds strengthen. Would you rather support an acquaintance only to maintain social image at the cost of losing your dear friend?

Friendship is one of the most crucial forms of relationship that one must cherish. True friends are those who love you unconditionally. Put the necessary effort in maintaining these kinds of friendships you will forever be grateful for. Try to consider these points if you ever feel as if you are losing out on one of your special friends. Wishing you the best!


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