Will You have a Love Marriage or an Arranged Marriage?

Marriage has been one of the most important institutions in society. One of the many societal features that distinguish us from animals. But it isn’t just the union of two souls. It is the union of two families. So, naturally, getting married is as complicated as it could be. We are now living in a time when arranged marriages happen just as often as love marriages do. It’s the battle of the Old Guard and the new generation. And love hangs in the balance in this struggle. But it is true that we will marry the person we are destined to be with. And the study of astrology, palmistry, etc. can help you figure out what fate has in store for you. Ready to take a leap of faith and find out what awaits your married life?

love marriage vs. arranged marriage


Arranged Marriage vs. Love Marriage

Often times one wonders which form of marriage is the best? The one that has been a part of our society since generations. Or the more modern and independence favoring one. Arranged marriage is a concept that was brought into existence to ensure that economic and societally-acceptable matches were made. Love was a secondary issue. The prime concern was to make sure that neither family suffers in this arrangement.

With time, of course, this concept has evolved. Men and women both get a say in who they marry. Yet, it lacks the independence and free-thinking decisions that characterize love marriages. It is the union of souls, based mainly on love and compatibility. In an ideal love marriage, the understanding is that you know the person you are marrying. However, as statistics show, they often end in divorce. But does that mean that it is a failed model?

The truth is, every individual is destined to their own fate. Thus, what will suit one, might not fit the other. Astrology and other similar studies concerning signs and stars often try to find the answers to questions about one’s fate. Who knows, maybe knowing your fate will help you make better decisions?


Palmistry Reading of Your Marital Destiny

 palmistry and marriage

 If you live in India, then it is impossible for you to have never had a palmistry reading. Palmistry is one of the oldest ways of foretelling the future by studying the palms. The first rule of Palmistry is the right hand is read for women and the left for men. This holds true for most of these readings, including those for marital purposes. The marriage line can be found on the sides of the palm, below the little finger. It is a small line at the very edge of the palm. A parallel line close to the marriage line indicates a prior love relationship. This is not conclusive of love marriages but it does point to the presence of either a loving marriage or a fling.

Another indicator of love marriage is the presence of a cross underneath your index finger. This is also read like a cross on Jupiter which is an auspicious sign for marriages. Not only does it indicate love marriage it even stands for a stable one. A branch of heart line extending towards the mount of Jupiter also indicates love marriage. Reading of the hand is not something one can do easily. These indicators are most helpful when reading with some context on palmistry.


The next indicator line to look out for is the Mars line. The Mars line is present between your thumb and index finger. It almost runs parallel to the lifeline. Presence of the Mars line indicates an arranged marriage. This line mainly indicates a strong influence of your family in your matters. You have a close relationship with your family and they will make your important decisions for you. Other than this, if the marriage line forks and meets the heart line, that indicates an extra-marital affair. A long and deep heart line with no cuts indicates a strong and fulfilling marriage.

Astrological Indicators of Love or Arranged Marriage

If palmistry doesn’t seem to be helping your case, you can turn to your natal charts. Almost every person born into an Indian family has a Vedic birth chart. If you don’t know what it is, allow me to explain. A natal chart is a diagram which shows positions of the Sun, Moon and other planets at the time of your birth. According to Astrology, these positions influence our character and destiny. A general understanding of the Vedic Birth chart will help you better understand the astrological indicators.

How to Read a Vedic Astrology Birth Chart?

vedic birth chart

But, what is Vedic Astrology? Vedic Astrology in the simplest definition is the Indian system of Astrology. While studying the finer details of the natal charts based on Vedic Astrology is tough. I will try to explain a few general concepts that will help you figure out whether you will have a Love marriage or an arranged marriage. The diagram is divided into cells that are called ‘Houses’. The first house is that of the rising sign. Each zodiac sign is given a number. These numbers start from 1 that denotes Aries, till 12 that denotes Pisces.

These zodiac numbers are mentioned in the houses of the birth chart. Different planets, the Sun and the Moon are shown in different houses. The zodiac that they were in at the time of your birth is denoted by the zodiac numbers. Some commonly used abbreviations in the Vedic Birth charts to denote the celestial bodies are AS = Ascendant, your 1st house, MO = Moon, SU = Sun, SA = Saturn, ME = Mercury, MA = Mars, VE = Venus, JP = Jupiter, Ra = Rahu, Ke = Ketu.

Love Marriage or Arranged Marriage Predictions using Astrology

 love or arranged marriage astrology

 All 12 houses of the Vedic Birth chart signify a specific part of your life. The seventh house is the house of marriage. The second, fifth and eighth house also influence some aspects of your marital life. The placement of the planets, Venus, Jupiter, and Mars, is also significant in affecting your married life. The fifth house is the house of love. In order to find out whether you will have a love marriage or an arranged marriage, analyze the fifth house. The placement of a house is that is the planet in it and the zodiac that planet finds itself in. The placement of your fifth house affects your prospects of having love or arranged marriage.

The stronger the placement of the fifth house, the more likely you are to marry for love. Presence of strong emotional planets in the fifth house indicates that there will be other love relationships in your life. Conversely, if the relationship between your fifth and seventh house is weak then the chances of an arranged marriage increase. The relationship between Venus and Mars in your natal chart also determines how you will get married. Ninth house, the house of fortune, as the name suggests controls all your fortunes. The more favorable your ninth house is, the happier will your married life be.


Astrology and Palmistry are two sciences that many people around the world believe in. While these studies help us get a sense of things and what to expect, one must not depend on them entirely. Marriage is a complicated business based on the foundations of love and mutual respect. So long as the foundation is strong, no power can harm your life.


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