Love Sonia: A film on sex trafficking

Love sonia: a film on sex trafficking
In India, girls from villages and cities have big dreams and high hopes of being an actress, a businesswoman and to live luxuriously. Such innocent young girls fall prey to sex traffickers’ well-devised plan. Little do they know of the unpleasant life that lies ahead of them. It’s only after some weeks that they realize what they have landed into but by then every door to freedom and happiness is closed. They are kept under vigil by people involved in the dirty business, and if by chance they flee, there’s no place to welcome them.

So they silently suffer, hoping that one day, a miracle would rescue them. Not many people are aware of the horrors of sex trafficking. About 36 Million women are forced into labour, enslaved and used. Out of 36million, half, i.e., 16 million women are Indians.

Tabrez Noorani, producer of the Academy Award Winning film Slumdog Millionaire was shocked when he found young girls in a container shipped from China, among whom was also an Indian girl. It was an eye opener for him because of which he decided to direct a movie ‘Love Sonia’. The movie tells us the story of Sonia, a young village girl who gets trapped in the global sex industry.

This is a movie that found me. It’s a story that needs to be told, to show the plight of these girls, what they go through,” Noorani says.

David Workman, producer of ‘Life of Pi’ who will now be producing ‘Love Sonia’ says “It is an unflinching look at the issue. It’s something you can’t water down because that would be unfair to the story.”

The movie will feature actress Freida Pinto, a newcomer Mrunal Thakur, actors Paul Dano, Manoj Bajpai and Anupam Kher.



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