Make him yours


It might be difficult to please your parents, colleague, boss or teachers. But pleasing your man has never been more easy. Making a man genuinely like you is like clapping your hands, it’s damn easy. (Lets not talk dirty here, it’s easier to please him that way, though 😜). Ladies become possessive even when her guy says ‘Hi’ to a girl. And why not? Who would like to let the love of their lives go away? Follow these simple step to make your man love you more :

  • Smile more – Men like women who are smiling because a smile is an indicator of positivity. Positivity is a sign of happiness and happiness is eternal. Men are more attracted to women who smile than women who are grumpy and bitch about miserable things.
  • Respect his privacy – you cannot pin down your man with you wherever you go. A man’s personal space defines his independence. Guys want respect and independence. Don’t question his actions, don’t peek at his caller ID when his phone rings, don’t ask him questions such as, “what were you doing at 2:22pm?” it’s silly and its annoying.
  • Be playful – while being funny is no compulsion, you can be cheerful and have real fun. Don’t hide in a corner with your cell phone and don’t stay silent. Chatter as much as you can and give him a chance to talk as well. Who isn’t attracted to playful people?
  • Don’t fake it – that’s the worst thing you can do. Laugh when you feel like laughing. A guy would feel insulted if you try to fake-laugh at his jokes. Be genuine. That doesn’t mean you will shout abusive words at him. Research has found out that positive people had long lasting relationships while negative people were dumped.
  • Express your fears – let him know about your strengths and weaknesses. He will be more interested and attracted towards you when he knows who you really are. Don’t press him on revealing his secrets but let out yours. This will help you find solace and relieve you of depression. When he reveals his vulnerability to you, comfort him and tell him that’s okay and you love him for who he is. Nothing will make him fall for you more than sweet and soft spoken words.
  • Know his opinion – ask for his opinion for everything that you do. Whether it’s buying groceries or going on a vacation, make him know that you value his thoughts.
  • Set him free – don’t try to change your man. Men wants assurance that their identities stay put up after they get into a relationship. Don’t try to steal his identity. Give him the freedom to work, live, eat where he wants to.
  • Compliment him – Show him why you have chosen him over others. Make him feel special and give him gifts from time to time. When you get something for yourself, get it for him too.
  • Ask for his help – make him know you need his support. He will be willing to help you. Let your guard down in front of him no matter how capable you are. Make him feel needed.
  • Appreciate him – if he is trying hard to please you, appreciate him for whatever he does for you. This will make him try harder and earn more praise from you. Men like it when you tell them how good they are. On the other hand, if you never appreciate him, he will stop doing things for you assuming that you don’t seem to care. Thank him when he does little sweet things for you. Don’t take these words such as ‘Thank you’ and ‘sorry’ when you’re in a relationship.
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Alisha is a journalist from Mumbai. She is a self learner and an voracious reader. Writing and listening to music will never bore her!