7 Things to know to make a Taurus Man go crazy about you!

Can’t get through the bull’s hard exterior? You are not alone. The Taurus men are some of the worst when it comes to sharing. My best friend is a Taurus and I can relate to how frustrating that becomes. But you stick with these men all the same because they are some of the rarest gems on this planet. If you’ve fallen in love with one, then let me congratulate you first. But of course, you want him to feel the same. As you probably can’t tell what makes him go crazy about a woman, I am here to help you out. Here’s some Astrologically verified advice on how to make a Taurus man go crazy about you!

make taurus man go crazy

How to make a Taurus man fall in love with you?

It isn’t easy to get a Taurus man to fall in love. They have a hard time trusting people. And so long as they don’t trust you, there can be no love. So, here are some things that will help. Attract him by being your most beautiful self. Taurus men are attuned to all thing pretty. It isn’t about meeting the beauty standards set by society. It’s about putting in the effort and maintaining yourself well. This one you have probably guessed already. Never break his trust. Don’t even take the small things lightly. This isn’t only about you keeping a secret he told you. Don’t put the time you spent with him on display for the world to see.

Attracting him sensually is also important. I mean. Venus is this man’s ruling planet. He might seem like this decent gentleman. But behind closed doors, he’s a man only a woman who has his heart knows. Show that you care. Words alone will get you nowhere with him. Make your affection known by actions. Pamper him with the attention he needs. Don’t seem like you can’t handle life. Taurus men, for good reason, like women who have stability in their life. If he senses that your finances are all over the place. Or that you can’t get a hold of your life’s other problems, he will run away like a gazelle.

How to make him crave you?

Let’s get to the ‘attracting him sensually’ part of the process. A lot of women are not good at this. Others don’t have an understanding of what the Taurus man wants. The woman of his dreams needs to know both. And here’s how you begin. Start by working on how you smell. Your scent has a huge impact on the effect you have on people generally. When it comes to the Taurus man, the essence of Roses drives him crazy. So, maybe wear a perfume that has the essence of roses. Appeal to his sense of sight. This is in continuation of the point I made earlier. You will know from how he carries himself that he likes to surround himself with beautiful objects. Pay attention to how well he dresses.

The sense of touch is very personal to the Taurus man. Very rarely will you find a Taurus male who doesn’t keep to himself? But when it comes to the women he’s interested in, he doesn’t mind PDA. Don’t get all handsy with him either. But help him get used to your physical presence. Attract him with your culinary skills. You don’t have to be a cook to get this man. If you are it does help. But what also helps is having a good taste. If you can introduce him to good new food, he will be ever grateful. Finally, comes appealing to his hearing. He is attracted to women who have a voice that can put him to ease. Your taste in music will also be a contributing factor. If he doesn’t like what you listen to, you can show interest in what he likes.

How to make a Taurus man miss you?

 make taurus man miss you

 Do you feel like he doesn’t value you enough? Well, you could be wrong. But also, Taurus man isn’t good at valuing people around them as much as they should. The best way to get him to do that is by making him miss you. and here’s how you do that. Take some time apart. You don’t have to take a break from the relationship. Just physically separate yourself from him. Don’t respond to his texts immediately. As much as you would like to keep the conversation going. It is best to delay responding. You can complete your other chores in the meantime.

When you do finally respond, send a seductive text. The reward after the long wait will make him crave you even more. It’s frustrating when the reward for waiting is disappointing. But when you get something unexpected, that’s a turn on. Upload sexy pictures. Play on his desire for beautiful things. Upload the best pictures on social media to remind him of what he has in you or is missing without.

And finally, play on his security issues. If he feels like he has you, he will lay back. But if it seems like you need to be given attention to be kept around, he will do that. So, maybe flirt around a little. But make sure, it’s only a little. The Taurus guy won’t do well with disloyalty.

How to keep a Taurus man interested?

Keeping the Taurus man interested has a lot to do with who you are as a person. He wouldn’t stick around if you aren’t all sorted out. Taurus men like women that have stability in their life. This doesn’t have to mean that you have your life figured out. But you shouldn’t be a mess either. Another thing about him is that he likes people who have a direct approach. If you beat around the bush or expect him to read your mind, he’ll be out faster than your next thought. Let him know what you want or what troubles you.

A follow up to that is, don’t play games with him. It’s ok to a limit and when it is for fun. But you overdo it and you will lose him. Be honest about everything as much as you can. He has a hard time understanding people’s emotions. By not being true, he will start distancing himself from you. Finally, stay true and loyal. He will never give you a reason to not trust him. And he expects the same from you.

How to Get a Taurus Man to Commit?

If you think making him fall in love is tough. Try getting him to commit. If you are trying to get there, then start by not rushing him. Taureans will never make a decision when they are rushed to do this. In fact, that will count as a negative in his mind. Make him see your value by improving his life. He is comfortable in his bachelor life. So, it would be difficult for him to transition. That is possible only if he feels that being with you is the natural alternative.

This begins by being dependable. Let him know that he can always count on you. Also, make sure you stand by this commitment. Actions speak louder than words. He does love you as a girlfriend or a partner. But you have to be his best friend for a long-standing thing. He will always be more comfortable around someone who is his best friend. Lastly, give him the comfort of home. He does like spending time outside the house. But ultimately, he’s the guy who is most comfortable inside his house. Make him feel like you are the type of woman that he can come home to.

How Do You Know if a Taurus Man is Falling for You?

 signs taurus man is falling in love with you

 After all of this, how do you know if your hard work paid off or not? If he seems a lot more passionate these days, then you are heading in the right direction. This means more PDA, better sex, everything is just hot and steamy. But this also means he will become more protective. It might not manifest itself in the form of jealousy. But he will be overly cautious about your safety.

Is this potato couch taking you out more? He will take you on dates to wonderful places when he is falling for you. He will share every place that makes him happy with you. More importantly, he will help you grow. Is he teaching you new things? Like life skills that make you more independent? That his way of showing love. If he is falling in love with you, you will know. he won’t profess it in the words of Shakespeare. But his actions will be louder than his words.

Compatibility with a Taurus Man

The Taurus man is most compatible with a Cancer woman. She offers him the emotional security he needs in a partner. She is just the right amount of feminity that he is looking for. They are both family-oriented which will help them move forward in sync. Next to the Cancer woman is the Virgo woman. They have the same values which make them understand each other well. They both value security and financial stability which makes them great partners. Each completes the other.

The Capricorn woman is another incredible match for the Taurus male. This is a sensible and practical match on all levels. He appreciates her ambitious nature and incredible work ethic. She appreciates his cautious and sensible nature. They will help each other grow professionally and otherwise. Finally, a Pisces woman will give the Taurus man the much-needed breath of fresh air in his life. Her wisdom will be something that he will come to depend. His honesty and innocence will give her the man that she was waiting for.

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