Make your brain smarter every day

Make your brain smarter every day

Our brain is our ruler! The brain is the main organ controlling the body system. As the saying goes you need to nourish your brain so that it keeps functioning for the coming years! In this article we will give you some ideas of how to protect and nourish your brain so that it can stay healthy and efficient all your life.


Drink plenty of water daily !

Make your brain smarter every day

Water is a primary aspect to get a healthy brain as it prevent us from being dehydrated. Our body system is made of 60% of water, our brain 85% and our muscles of 75%. Therefore we understand it is really important to drink water! If not it damages our cells and tissues. Without water we feel tired very easily and we lack concentration. Especially when you live in a hot temperature country you need to drink at least a glass of water each hour. You will feel fitter in your daily activities.


Never miss breakfast !

Make your brain smarter every day

It’s the meal of the day which will help you to sustain yourself. We have to admit it, most of us do skip breakfast. We tend to forget it’s the meal which will help us to stay fit for the day. Our brain needs nutrients like carbohydrates, vitamins and proteins to be efficient all day long. Better to wake up a little earlier and take time to prepare nice breakfast. So make sure you that every morning, you eat some fruits, oatmeal, bread or a fruity smoothie. These nutrients will make you feel more energetic, concentrated and effective.


Do not overload yourself

Another issue is not to overload your mind. Do not think and hundred of things at the same time. Classify your ideas. Nowadays we tend to do many things at the same time. We are connected all day long to our phones and laptops so it is difficult for us to stay concentrated. Being a multi tasker is good,but we should learn to keep focused on only one thing and complete it successfully. Otherwise at the end of the day we just switched from one thing to another without really having succeeded anything.


Do some regular exercise

Make your brain smarter every day

Another fact is exercise. As much as our body needs it, our brains also does! We think that only our body muscles can get stiff, but the fact is that our brain muscle also does. So our brain requires as much exercises as our body needs it. When we exercise, there is a flow of blood which carries nutrients and oxygen. Therefore it helps us to think well. To exercise your brain you may develop new interests, read, improve your knowledge, have stimulating conversations. All these will help you to be more effective and therefore make yourself a better and more efficient thinker.


Reduce harmful intakes

Smoking and taking alcohol will reduce our oxygen level and therefore will damage our health. Those intakes also affect our lungs, heart, carotid artery which provides blood supply from the heart to the brain. This will destroy our cells and our thinking abilities and concentration level.



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