What makes you so lovable based on your Zodiac signs!

Everyone deserves to be loved. Especially now that we are surrounded by so many things that make us hate, it is important to remember how to love. But, to be loved one needs to focus on things that make us loveable. It isn’t always how you look that lead to affection. Your personality traits contribute equally. Astrology claims that your zodiac sign has a lot to do with the kind of person that you are. There are good things and bad things about every zodiac. The key is to work on the good and outshine the bad. So, here’s a blog to help you identify things that make you so loveable, based on your zodiac sign.

What makes you so lovable based on your Zodiac signs!



(March 21st – April 19th)


One of the fiercest traits of this zodiac is their loyalty. Once an Aries feels close to someone, they can go to the endo of the world with that person. You won’t find them ever saying anything mean about the people the love and respect. Neither will they do something that might hurt others. Their courage is another glorious aspect of what makes them so loveable. The ram will charge head first into whatever you throw at them. Now, this doesn’t mean they aren’t afraid of ghosts (I know I am). But they’ll never back away from taking on a challenge or helping someone in need, no matter the obstacles in the path.




(April 20th – May 20th)

Maybe when Rihanna sang “Want you to make me feel, like I’m the only girl in the world”, she was looking for a Taurian boyfriend. It’s not that they are flirts, but people born under this zodiac have a way of making people feel special. These are the people who will go beyond the call of duty, to let those they love to know their importance. Aside from this, Taureans are also very cool-headed. They never do anything in the heat of the moment. Very rarely will you see a Taurean lashing out? But when they do, Hell hath no fury. So, it’s best not to poke this bull.




(May 21st – June 20th)


The most defining trait of this zodiac is their creativity and imagination. Who doesn’t love those who always have something new to bring to the table. The Geminis look at things from a variety of angle. Even if they don’t use multiple aspects to tell a story, their narrative will always be different from the rest of the world. These are people who look for excitement andadventure. So, you’ll always find them trying out new things. Everyone, no matter which sign you are born under, has to love change. If you are looking forward to not being bored, find a Gemini.




(June 21st – July 22nd)


People born of this zodiac sign understand emotions. Empathy is their strongest trait and that makes them so loveable. These are the people who will be there for you through thick and thin. Do you need someone who cares to celebrate your promotion with? Need a shoulder to cry on? A helping hand? Cancerians will be there for you through it all. It doesn’t matter whether you are a relative, a friend, or just an acquaintance, the people of this zodiac are never short of love.




(July 23rd – August 22nd)


The king of the jungle has the duty to listen to his subjects, and the people born under this zodiac take to do this to the best of their ability. (I know I use the Lion reference a lot :p). You might look at them from afar and think no person on this planet is as egoistic as that. The truth is, if you are lucky enough to fall in their league of friends, you are in for a treat. Leos make for great friends and wonderful listeners. While they do think they are the center of the world, they never fail to give others the importance that they deserve.




(August 23rd – September 22nd)


In this zodiac, you will find some of the kindest people you’ll ever meet. What makes Virgos so loveable is their helpful nature. No matter what kind of trouble you find yourself in, you can always rely on the Virgo in your life to bail you out. Another thing that makes them so unique is that they never back down. It doesn’t matter what state they find themselves in, they will always strive towards fulfilling their duty to the best of their ability. This compliments their helping nature greatly, as once they take it upon themselves to help someone out, they see it to the end.




(September 23rd– October 22nd)


The people born of this zodiac are the pioneers of righteousness. This finds root in their kind heart. Every zodiac has something that suggests kindness, so Libras might feel a little less important. The thing is, while their kindness is conditional, yours knows no bounds. This kindness in them motivates them to fight for justice. They cannot bear to see anyone in a pitiable state. It doesn’t matter what they are capable of doing or not. When they see something or someone in need, they’ll go out of their way to help. These are the people who will go on an empty stomach to fill someone else’s.




(October 23rd – November 21st)


The most infectious thing about a Scorpio is their passion. So dedicated are they to what they want to do, that it will make you want to act the same way in your life. It is this passion with which they live their life, that makes the world love them so much. There is also a big element of empathy in them. This empathy is unlike the one you’ll see in a Cancerian, for this is broader than theirs. People born under this zodiac empathize with the world as a whole. This makes their world-view shift a great deal towards reality.




(November 22nd – December 21st)


If you chance upon any of the other 11 zodiac signs (the possibility of which is pretty big), you’ll most probably find a person who is too afraid to take a risk in life. If luckily you meet a Sagittarius, you will understand what it is to really live life. What makes people of this zodiac so loveable is their free spirit. The Sagittarius is not held down by the rules of the man-made society. They explore, they embark on adventures, they falter, and they conquer. Not many are able to develop that sense of freedom in their lifetime.




(December 22nd – January 19th)


For most of us, failure seems like the end of the world. Others might try a little, but give up after a while. Capricorns make up for the winners. The people born under this zodiac are persistent in their endeavors. Once they set their mind to something, nothing can stop them from achieving their goal. No matter how hard the path is or how distant the goal, they will get to it. This determination in them is what makes them so loved and respected. Capricorns don’t have the word “No” in their dictionary.




(January 20th – February 18th)


Remember that friend of your friend you met at her wedding? How strange they were. How out of the ordinary? How original. Well, you probably met an Aquarius. That’s the thing about them, you most certainly won’t find their like again. Everyone is unique, but no one is as unique as the people born under this zodiac. You might not like them on the first go, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have your interest or attention. The way they look at this world is completely different from the mainstream. Consequently, the way they live and everything they do in it stands out.




(February 19th – March 20th)


Pisceans are the wisest if all zodiac signs. It is this wisdom of theirs that makes them understand that life is not to be lived in disharmony from others. This is what makes them the most sensitive of all zodiac signs too. A Pisces will never intentionally hurt someone, anyone. They always practice adjustment, open-mindedness, and kindness in their lives and the way they deal with others. This doesn’t mean they are emotional fools. They cannot be tricked so easily. But if you approach them with a genuine heart, you’ll find the perfect companion in them.


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