What makes us so insecure about our vaginas?

What makes us so insecure about our vaginas?

A vagina does a lot of things and it’s appearance and smell are one of the main things that concern a woman. Many women feel insecure about their vaginal smell and hence do not want their boyfriends to go down on them. Some women even feel insecure with coming to the waxing salon with too much pubic hair! Women tend to ask whether their vagina looks normal. If their labia is too big or their inner thighs are too dark. Why are we so insecure?


What makes us feel this way about our vaginas?

What makes us so insecure about our vaginas?

The culture we live in influences the way we feel about our vaginas. The widespread popularity in pornography has created a perfect illusion in our mindsets of how a vagina is supposed to look and feel. Because of the increase in awareness of genital hair removal as well as easy access to pictures of genitalia, it has led to women not feeling confident about their vaginas and constantly asking whether their vagina is normal. Since they do not know what a normal vagina looks like, women start believing that their vagina is not normal.


What does waxing of pubic hair result in?

As waxing of pubic hair became popular, women started going to salons to get a Brazilian wax to feel clean. Vaginal waxing was even referred in an episode of the popular movie series ‘Sex and the city’.

Waxing of pubic hair does not only make you feel cleaner, but it is also responsible for the decline in pubic lice. Now who wouldn’t want to get a Brazilian wax? Being clean and hair free down there is what every woman dreams of. But not all women have the same pain tolerance level and getting your vagina waxed can be the most painful thing in the world and some women might not go for it. But seeing other women getting their pubic hair removed might cause some women to feel that they are supposed to maintain a hair-free vagina and that they are expected to wax. But women shouldn’t feel this way. Nobody has to wax their pubic region if they do not want to. It is not mandatory and it does not make you any less feminine.


What is a normal vagina?

What makes us so insecure about our vaginas?

Many women who have not seen other vaginas but theirs, are often worried whether their vagina looks and functions normally.  Most of the women have no clue of what is a normal vagina. But let me tell you, there is no such thing as an abnormal vagina. Vaginas come in different shapes and sizes and they smell different. Two different vaginas will not smell or look the same so girls stop worrying about the appearance of your vagina, be rest assured that it is normal!


How to pass the vaginal insecurity barrier

Now that you should be rest assured that your vagina is normal, you should not feel self-conscious while baring it all for your waxing appointment at the salon. The waxing ladies are extremely professional and they do not focus on the way your vagina looks. They see many vaginas daily and their only focus is to remove the pubic hair. Women should, in fact, celebrate the power they have as owners of vaginas! Hair, or no hair; you must embrace it and take care of it.



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