What Makes Each Zodiac Sign Feel Severely Uncomfortable

Just after reading the title of this blog your mind is probably swimming through a multitude of things that make you feel uncomfortable. Or you are probably jumping to the conclusion that nothing makes you “severely” uncomfortable. I’m happy for you if you are one of the latter. But I also get this feeling that this conclusion of yours is about to change. We all have one thing or the other that makes us feel super uneasy. There are always times when you can’t wait to get out of a situation. These encounters can make you anxious or angry and ultimately ruin your entire day. While sometimes you might not be able to figure out what got on your nerve, there are some things you share in common with the people of your zodiac. Here’s a blog which tells you What Makes Each Zodiac Sign Feel Severely Uncomfortable.

What Makes Each Zodiac Sign Feel Severely Uncomfortable


(March 21st – April 19th)


The people of this zodiac always have something on their schedules. Now I’m not saying that you won’t find any Aries engaged in idle work, but even the silliest of things that they do are planned beforehand. Not that they are not spontaneous. But they even plan when they will be spontaneous. Thus, when you cancel a plan of this zodiac, that puts their nose out of joint. It’s not that they don’t understand that you might have encountered something that rendered you unable to keep your commitment. But that doesn’t mean they won’t be severely uncomfortable because of this.




(April 20th – May 20th)


Taureans work on a set pattern. Their routines help them make sense in this otherwise chaotic world. If you ask me, that is a quality everyone must inculcate. That along with the commitment of the people of this zodiac to follow those routines to the letter. So, you’ve probably already guessed that what makes them most uncomfortable is a change in routine. It’s not that they are robots who don’t displace one bit from the instructions that they are fed. They just have time slots to make these adjustments as well. If something or someone distorts their charts, they feel totally awkward in the changed setting.




(May 21st – June 20th)


Ever felt the calm that comes while sitting in a silent room full of people? If you are a Gemini, you sure have not. As crazy as it might sound, but the people of this zodiac cannot tolerate silence. There’s always something going on in our minds, and Geminis feel the need to share it with someone. Not only can they not bear being silent, they get severely uncomfortable when others around them are not speaking either. They don’t believe that silence is golden. Even during conflicts, the best way to get on their nerves is to not say anything. They will automatically start questioning their very existence in this world.




(June 21st – July 22nd)


 Cancerians are very loving and thoughtful people. They love making people happy. But only till these people don’t meddle in their decisions about themselves. To put it simply, the people of this zodiac are severely uncomfortable under peer pressure. They get anxious when those around them criticise their decision or pressurize the choices they make or the things they do. They can’t stand people who try to change them. If they extend an understanding to those around them, it is only natural that they expect the same. So, if a Cancerian has made a decision, don’t push them to go the way you think is best for them.




(July 23rd – August 22nd)

What Makes Each Zodiac Sign Feel Severely Uncomfortable

It might come across that I don’t approve of Leos, but sometimes you do go a little too far with the narcissism. Just kidding! Well, the people of this zodiac take special pride in the people they surround themselves with. Not only do they respect them, they obviously expect the same in return. Add to that the fact that they love being the center of attention, and you get what makes them most uncomfortable: being the third wheel. Leos cannot stand being the unwanted or the invisible in a company. They might handle not being under the spotlight, but being ignored is another level of disrespect. So, if you plan on an evening with your beau, make sure you don’t take your Leo friend as your wing woman.




(August 23rd – September 22nd)


With all the criticism they go around spewing, you would think they know everything about how to dictate someone else’s life. Wrong! What makes this zodiac most uncomfortable is taking responsibility for someone else’s life. They are their own biggest critics. So, they are in one out of 2 phases: (a) they still haven’t reached perfection in their own life, or (b) they finally have the key to perfection. Either way, it’s way too exhaustive to now be in charge of someone else’s life too. Not just that, Virgos believe that people should take control of their own lives and do what is best for them (or what the Virgo decides is best). Those who put that responsibility on someone else, are not well liked.




(September 23rd – October 22nd)


Libras are the kindest people on this planet. The best of your friends are probably born under this zodiac. But if you are the kind of person who frequently needs someone to have their back, make some more friends (an Aries or a Leo, maybe?). They will never shy away from defending themselves, but that doesn’t mean they like it. So, they’ll do whatever they can to avoid confrontation. Thus, when the choice is between defending a friend and pretending they don’t know you, they go for the latter. Not only are confrontations severely uncomfortable for them, they don’t even know what the right thing to say would be.




(October 23rd – November 21st)


When dealing with Scorpions what one needs to understand is that everyone in their life is one step away from them. Only rare exceptions are on the same page as they are. These are the people who the people of this zodiac share their deepest secrets with. So, what makes them severely uncomfortable you ask? Personal questions. They don’t appreciate people who want to know what’s going on with their lives. You try to get too familiar with them, most likely they’ll run for their lives. What they want to keep to themselves, they will. If you try to overstep, you’ll probably get stung.




(November 22nd – December 21st)




This free-spirit is above the masks that humans wear to go through with their lives. They are not a part of the crowd of liars and cheats. Hence, what makes them most uncomfortable is lying to please others. The people of this zodiac surround themselves with people who appreciate their honesty. And don’t mistake them for hypocrites who cannot handle the same when thrown at them. What they cannot stand is sacrificing their candor for someone’s temporary contentment. Not only will they be very uncomfortable doing it, they’ll lose all regard for the person they have to do this for or because of.




(December 22nd – January 19th)


Capricorns love it at their homes, being all snug in their bed and doing what they like. Might sound crazy boring to some, but spend a day with them at home and you’ll know how awesome they can make it. But when they do get out of their shells to see the light, it is to spend time with those important to them. They are ditching their happiness for you, which is a big sacrifice in itself. So, naturally, they take their expectations too far. What makes this zodiac most uncomfortable is being left alone in public. If they are out, it will not be alone. Then they expect that person to be with them all the time. Even if you leave them for 5 minutes to say hello to someone, they’ll get offended.




(January 20th – February 18th)

What Makes Each Zodiac Sign Feel Severely Uncomfortable

Aquarians are wild and most of them are liberals (not trying to associate the two in any way). They firmly believe in live and let live, so you’ll never see them poking their nose in someone else’s business. Naturally, they feel severely uncomfortable around those who have nothing better to do with their own lives. To put it simply, they can’t stand dictators. On one hand, they feel the need to inquire why on earth would a human be this primeval. On the other, they cannot run away from that person sooner. They cannot seem to adjust to the fact that people on this planet are so archaic. Then again, Aquarians are essentially aliens :P.




(February 19th – March 20th)


Pisces like to surround themselves with like-minded people. Around a company like that, they feel alive for they can be who they are without anyone judging them. What puts them in a fix in being dictated. They are smart enough to know what they want and what they can and should do. So, whenever someone tries to tell them otherwise, they feel like they are being punished for being themselves. No one likes that, but people of this zodiac get especially cranky when it happens. Most like they’ll leave your presence then and there. But in rare cases, they’ll make you rue the day you decided to dictate them.

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