Mallika Criticizes Patriarchal Indian mind set

Malika Criticizes Patriarchal Indian mind setToday India is considered as the next super power. It is becoming a land of opportunities and technological developments. Yet, this country is still suffering from the major issues. This includes the women’s rights and the increasing issues of rape, killing of infant girls, abortions and child birth. These problems are quite prevalent in this country and it is about time that the celebrities must raise their voice about it.

Famous controversial celebrities like Mallika Sherawat and Rakhi Sawant never shy away from the lime light and they speak their heart out in front of the camera. Keeping this trend alive once again Mallika Sharawat has made the headlines by giving some of the most controversial statements about the mindsets of the Patriarchal Indian mindset.

She has received loads of criticism and many people have been angered due to her comments but the truth is that to some extent she is absolutely right. Even the famous actresses like Priyanka Chopra have said that she is extremely offended and she absolutely thinks that India should not be represented with a negative outlook in the international forum.

According to the sources during an interview in the 66th Cannes International Film Festival this actress stated that Mallika tends to divide her time between the United States and India. According to her India is becoming a very depressing place and she feels that Indian women are not independent anymore. This statement has created loads of controversies and political drama in the country. Many people have spoken about it and they tend to disagree with her statements. According to the actress this country is very regressive and people have very backward mindsets.

Honestly, Mallika Sherawat has done some controversial acts in her past that show that this country is now going through the modern period. However, I do agree with her that to some extent many societies in India are still fighting for the women’s rights and independence. The horrid cases of rape, killing of infant girls and child marriages are increasing exponentially. One of the biggest causes of these problems is the mindsets of the people.

In today’s world the women in India cannot travel alone at night, even in the big cities like Mumbai and Delhi. Therefore, although I agree with the fact that Mallika should not portray the negative image of her own home country is front of the international media yet you cannot hide the truth. It is about time that we accept the truth of the country and try to come up with more concrete solutions to deal with the rising issues.

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