What does a man want from a woman depending on his Zodiac!

Are in love with a man and want to know him deeper? Do you trust Zodiac to tell you the real secrets of a man’s character? Zodiacs can say a lot about a man’s personality if you can actually dig deeper into their individual traits. Here is all that a man wants from you depending on his Zodiac sign:

What does a man want from a woman depending on his Zodiac!



Aquarius men like to have their own space. As much as they like to spend time with you, they also pay great attention to the “me time” for themselves. Aquarius men also like women who have a creative side to their personality. They tend to have high regards if you can prove your independence to him and not behave like a clingy girlfriend all the time.




Pisces are serious when it comes to relationships. So, if you are seeking something close to a fling, they are not the right people to try your luck with. Pisces men have trust issues and when they do start liking you, they give it their all. They like women who can establish deeper connections with them, those who can share their deepest darkest secrets with them.




Aries has man has natural leadership abilities. they like to chase women and feel great about the win. He likes to have ambitious women in his life who really has plans about her future. He expects his woman to work hard to establish her identity but at the same time he likes very feminine women.




Taurus men really dig honest women. They don’t entertain manipulative women who are ready with all the bullshit. He will take his time to commit to you but at the same time, he is a aggressive lover. In case you are caught cheating he will never ever tolerate that and will immediately call the relationship off. So, make sure that you respect him and be absolutely transparent in all that you do.




A Gemini man has commitment issues. Being someone who has varied interests, he likes a woman who can keep things interesting from time to time. It takes patience to make him stay stable. They don’t really stay put you so will have to work doubly to pin him down.



What does a man want from a woman depending on his Zodiac!

A Cancer man is very sensitive. He expects you to shower them with a lot of love and attention. They like women who are caring and pay attention to his family. So, when you are with a Cancer man make sure you make the best impression on his family. He isn’t all too kinky so you must be prepared for plain, vanilla sex.




A Leo man is a socialite. So if you are with him you will have to be equally outgoing. They also expect their woman to be very compassionate and giving. Leos tend to have a penchant for contributing for social causes. So, if you are with a Leo man, you need to be caring not just around him about also for others. They like women who can appreciate them and can keep them happy always.




Virgo men are known for their craze for cleanliness. They  like to have things very tidy around them. He expects his lady to keep things organised and also dress up well. They don’t really like women who bad mouth and gossip using foul language. He loves women who wish to give out to the society in a generous way.




A Libra man like to have things under control. They don’t appreciate women who crib and cry over the littlest things. If you are someone who fights over the petty issues it will drive him mad. Make sure you don’t appear too needy because they don’t like being emotionally drained while giving away too much of themselves.



What does a man want from a woman depending on his Zodiac!

Scorpio men are known for their mystery and their irresistible personality. If you are someone who expect a Mr. Grey, then he is someone you should settle for because with him, you life will always stay adventurous. They are diggers for women who can maintain their own space and respect theirs without causing a lot of fuss. So, give him the time to talk about things when he feels like.




Sagittarius men have a free nature. Which means that they don’t like being caged. Just because you are in a relationship with him, he cannot stay in a closed environment. He is adventurous and like a woman who is equally adventurous and will never say no to trying out new things.




Capricorn likes discipline. he appreciate women who stand on their own feet and can be loyal and honest towards him. You cannot force him into committing to you for he expects some time to analyse the situation and then move ahead.



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