How to manage time in your busy schedule?

How to manage time in your busy schedule?

We often see that some selective people in our clan tend to be more productive in their lives whereas we fail to accomplish as much as they do. What is the secret behind their successful accomplishments when 24 hours in a day is a common denominator for all of us?

The secret of all such persons is effective time management. The concept of time management is vastly debated especially in the time that we presently live in. So in our busy livelihood how can we yield more productivity? How is one supposed to implement proper time management in day to day life?

Here are five steps that will guide you to an effective time management:


Pen Down All Your Tasks And Then Prioritize Them

When you are about to end the day, make it a solid point to write down actions that you plan to do the next day. Make a to-do list of tasks that you have to accomplish the next day. Prioritize your tasks according to their importance and also gather any needed material a day in advance so that you can begin your work without any delays.


Preparation of Checklists

Make it a habit to prepare checklists, also popularly known as ‘quick sheets’. This will help you recur activities that you haven’t performed regularly. This will make it easy for you to track the steps you need to take to complete the task. This is also an efficient way to keep a check whether you are missing out on any of your important jobs.


Dodge Muddling

For effective time management, it is crucial that you foster a habit of arranging all your things at home or at work -place in a neat and clean manner. An orderly arrangement of things can help you greatly in retrieving things when you are in need of them. Try organizing all your paper- work as it will help you to maintain a clear work space. Also, discard documents and items that are no more needed. In your computers and laptops, get rid of rubbish messages in inbox and save your documents in systematized folders.


Begin Your Day Early

You must have heard successful people claim in their interviews that one of the main reasons of their accomplished lives is that they make it a point to wake up early. People from all walks of life who belong to the ‘success club’ are known to be early risers as it has numerous benefits. It helps your body and mind to be fresh, relaxed and full of energy. Early hours of the day are usually tranquil and aren’t interrupted because of which you can have better control of time.

Reduce Online Time

Random social websites such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube or be it any other social media platform, they consume large chunks of your time without you even noticing it. It isn’t wise to spend so much of your precious time on these sites. If they are a part of your job, allocate a set amount of time and commit to it. If they aren’t, then use them only during your leisure time. Also, set time to read and reply to your emails so that you do not struggle to keep yourself accountable and at the same time are able to stay focused.

You could stay better equipped with these time management tips!