Marathon – Training and Preparation


Health is wealth, this is a very common saying that you would hear a lot, growing up in India. While most of us are generally conscious of our health, there are those who treat their body like a temple. You can see them working on their bodies at gyms and running away from a cute cupcake like it was the second coming of the exorcist. These people are also generally found running marathons. I have always envied these people because, let’s face it how many of us can even run for half an hour, let alone win a race or participate in a marathon. This post is about marathon preparation that these people take up. In case you are one of these people who likes to run marathons or you wish to be, doesn’t hurt to know, does it?


Strength and Stamina are the two most important ‘S’ words when it comes to a marathon. Whether you plan to run a marathon or just walk it you will need both your strength and your stamina either way. Following is a guideline for how one must tackle running in a marathon. It is best for you to follow these steps as, injuries have been known to happen, when people have attempted running marathons with no preparation whatsoever.


The first step when you decide to run a marathon is to go to your doctor. Let the doctor examine you and do a preliminary check up to see if everything is in order and if your body can take such an exertion.


Stretching is the third ‘S’ word which is extremely important. Before doing any form of exercise whether it is at home or at the gym one must stretch. Stretching loosens your muscles and gives them more strength over time. It is important to stretch to prevent cramps and muscle pulls which can be very painful.


The body cannot handle the exertion of a marathon run when it is exhausted. You must eat healthy, drink loads of water and sleep properly. Basically, everything your mother tells you to do. You have to do this continuously for at least 6 months, before you can dream of running a marathon. Your body needs all of this to refresh itself.


Since, running is what you will be doing at the marathon, hopefully, you need to train yourself to be able to run long distances. Over a period of 6 months, make a schedule and gradually increase your running time daily. You should be comfortable running a distance of at least 10km daily.

Be Organized

Marathon running is not easy business. You need to be dedicated and you need to be organized. Make a proper schedule and write down your goals and achievements. These should help you focus and move towards your goal.

Marathons are not for the faint of heart, you need to be driven and passionate about it. It is a sport and it will test the limits of your body. Ask someone at your gym to coach you or train with you so, you can help each other stay motivated till the end.


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