Marriage- a Loner’s Choice?



Isolation can be a killer:

I know isolation is a potent killer and there is nothing as worse as being lonely in life. We need people around us to survive as loneliness has brooding wings and will never make a man fly. . A person might feel that he or she can easily survive without people around them but that is practically not possible.

Wedding is not the solution to everything:

Often marriage is offered as a solution to loneliness. It is considered as a treatment to isolation and a gateway to a happy life. Well! That isn’t always true. Although marriage can be a gateway to a happier life but that depends primarily on what grounds are you marrying and what situations you are in.

People think that once they are getting married, they are sorted in life. It isn’t the way it works. Marriage is a decision that has to be taken with utmost attention and a sincere heart. The wedding is only the beginning of a long way.

Introspection is key:

In India, the culture of marriage is more age oriented than will oriented.  In fact, it is astonishing to see that people in India plan their entire life around marriage without even introspecting whether they really want to marry or are they just bored.It is uncanny that people take the most important decision of their lives in vagueness.

I want to throw light on what marriage actually contains than just the much anticipated first-night sex.



Yes! You heard that right. After marriage the break-up game won’t help revive emotions between the two because there will be no break up at the first place, there will only be Divorce. Divorce is something that you are officially going to carry forever. You might have to go through all those cruel social penetrations of people into your lives and stale comments on your marital status. Therefore, choose wisely.



Marriage is not only the union of two hearts but of two families as well. Dating and marrying are two entirely different concepts. When families are involved, more emotions and sentiments cling onto your relationship than just the two partners.



One must know that marrying someone is taking responsibility of every breath of that person. You become accountable for your actions and deeds. You become answerable to the world for anything or everything that your partner does because that’s how marriage works. You start to live for each other and for each other’s betterment and prosperity, which eventually makes the bond between the two powerful.


Marriage is a beautiful feeling and the world’s biggest responsibility that works on a foundation built on honestly and trust.These were just three things I want you guys to know as I don’t want prospective brides and grooms to get scared of marriage and back themselves off. My message to all is not to marry when you are lonely. Understand the difference between an urge to marry and an urge to get rid of the boredom in your life.

Always remember, if there is anything more miserable than a lonely single person is a lonely married person!



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