Marriage is a flawed institution: Don’t rush!

Marriage is a flawed institution: Don't rush!

Marriage Is A Faulty Institution – Don’t Rush!

Marriage is a flawed institution. We must never rush into getting married early.

For all that glitters is not gold.


How many of us are really happy with the partners we have chosen?

How many of us have zero complaints?

How many of us feel trapped?

How many of us feel that we have made the wrong decision?

How many of us need a divorce?




Case Study:

Marriage is a flawed institution: Don't rush!

For instance, there’s a mother of two who seemed quite happy and blessed with her in-laws, two sons and husband whom she loved very much. Their relationship had started in high-school, has lasted into marriage. They have built a beautiful family together and there are no financial restrictions – a well-off upper-middle class family.

But all of a sudden, we get the news, that she is filing for divorce. All this while, she did not have a job so she couldn’t let go – simply because she has the responsibility of her two sons and their futures. But now that she has one, she wants to put an end to everything, although asking for considerable financial support from her in-laws for the sons’ education.


What is the point of wasting so much energy and resources, making babies whom you were supposed to raise together – all to finally throw away everything and start again?


We get into relationships out of ardour, because we feel we finally love somebody more than ourselves, we feel the need to be with them. Marriage just feels like a duty.


In a relationship for ten years? Now we must get married, start making babies and grow old together while you take all my crap and I take yours. And they lived unhappily, complaining about one another ever after.


Although some make it, many don’t

Marriage is a flawed institution: Don't rush!

I don’t mean to discourage all those who want to get married and spend the rest of their lives with their soulmates. Because, some actually make it, you know? They really make it. They love and adore each other till their last breaths, they understand each other, and they compromise for one another. But that kind of loving is hard to find, sweetheart.


For we all have purposes in life. Some are born to be princesses, some are born to be warriors, and the rest are born to rule.


What is your purpose in life?


Find your purpose – give meaning to life. And then decide, whether you want to marry and settle for something right now? Or whether you want to live, laugh, explore while you can, make the best of friends, cherish every moment and enjoy without feeling it is your duty to do so.



Marriage is a flawed institution: Don't rush!

There is so much more to life than these rules and regulations society has imposed on us. I’m not asking you to rebel and go against nature, I’m asking you to rethink. For when you are too deep into a marriage or relationship, you reach the autumn of your age and start feeling hopeless for you have nothing to look forward to any longer. Why let it become that way?


The World is Infinite – Don’t Settle for Anything Less

Instead. Travel the world, understand the people around you and moreover, understand yourself and what you need.


Take your time.

We are in no hurry, for there is no finish line.

The world is infinite and is at your feet.

Make the most of it while you can. 



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